1% still too bright


Would like the patch as well!

Mi ID: 1892807307
Server: Singapore


Add me too please

Thank you! Can’t wait to get it less bright :slight_smile:


What about my MJDP02YL Mi LED Smart Bulb (White and Color) bought on Xiaomi’s website (mi.com) in France? This is not v1 or v2. I guess we’ll never get this patch with our ultra-outdated firmware 1.2.4_0016 (not 1.4.2 but 1.2.4).


Hello. I want on the white list
server germany
Mi id 1777464893


Hi, please add me to the white list. I need that patch :slight_smile: Mi ID 1877001990


Agreed way too bright. Please add me to the whitelist, mi ID 6159577570


You guys can stop asking to be on the whitelist, because they aren’t even doing that now, they have totally dropped working on the brightness issue.
Please go here: https://www.facebook.com/pg/Yeelight/reviews/?ref=page_internal and give them a review to show how you feel about them ignoring brightness issues.


You’re right we should allll do this. That way they will move out from not responding to there customers






well has anyone in here thought of contacting those paid youtubers, forums and their facebook page so that their sales can get a fucking drop from bad reviews? maybe that will catch their attention.


Hello, Just got my yeelight ceiling LED 650. I experience same issue. 1% is not for sure true - this lamp has 3500 lumens (on paper). Are you planning to release some official FIX ?


This service is not a service. By and fuck :slight_smile:


It is not funny any more. :dark_sunglasses: :hourglass: :high_brightness:
@liufei, @EricJiang @dingyichen where are you?


There’s night light mode, which you can set light to 1% brightness.


Sorry about the issue and thanks for all your feedback. The fix requires some delicate modification in our color tuning algorithm and thus requires more time.

We have started a workforce for this. Will report the progress in this thread.


First post in this tread was posted 18. October, 2018. Today is 5. March, 2019. It is almost 5 months now and you have just started a workforce for this. You must be joking.


Come on, don’t run us around the bush. It’s great that you’ve started a workforce (finally…) to address this issue after five months, but give beta users the ability to make the light dim, even if it messes with colors. This is the type of thing that should take an intern a day or two. Just make it an option in the app (just like enabling lan control) that is designed only for advanced users. It’s fine if it ruins color accuracy.


@liufei Still waiting to be white listed… 1901818778 Germany V2 bulbs. As above I don’t give a crap about colour accuracy as long as yellow looks yellow blue looks blue etc I will be happy.

I do however want a proper 0 to 100% brightness!!

If this isn’t fixed soon then I will just flash dumb firmware on them…

Even better idea!!! Open source the firmware and let us do what we want with them…


Got new firmware for V2 RGBW bulbs - China server. Update from (Beta) to (What?).
I’ll check it later.


I would like to try it please.

Mi ID: 1913860858