1% still too bright


Please add me :slightly_smiling_face:

6 * V1 :
Id 1676675199 (Singapore)
Does this patch will be official a day ?


Please whitelist me.
MI ID:- 5180069397
Singapore server.
I can switch to China if I have to.


Please add me to alpha whitelist.

ID 1901818778


I have the bulb v2 and like to try the beta version.

My MI id is: 136023217 Singapore


I want try beta too please! 1% is too daamm bright! Im almost blind my self each morning when get up…
Have 5 yeelight RGB (one more in the way), the ceiling yeelight is awsome! Low bright, night mode and the moon mode? BRILLIANT!

Id: 1652270125

Why not make in app, thill like 30% bright RGB enable, lower than that a warning that lower then 30% no rgb available, only the white/yellow spectrum, I bet no one have problems with that and the colours can be acurate thill the bright they can, and that is easy to implant at firmware level.


It’s unacceptable to not have any fix for the way over bright yeelight.
And now, no alpha firmware with the fix is available either.
This needs to be fixed, fast.


I’ve got 2 bulb v1

MI ID 1619486806

thank you


Yeelight team,
You really need to fix this issue. This so unacceptable to habe this problem since lomg and there is no l solution for it
I have 5 v2 bulb and 3 strip. At night i realy want to habe them on low dim.

Please keep this as priority as this is the major issur on this products


Yes. this is a very important basic feature. Just enabling using raw RGB data would be a very practical patch while the interface is adjusted.


Yeelight staff, please add me to whitelist
ID : 1795683380

for me to test v1 and v2 versions through domotica house automation


I have v1 and v2

Can you whitelist me so i can test the v1?
(And future for v2?)

ID: 1795683380


I have v1 .
Can you whitelist me so i can test the v1?
ID : 1720817207


Sad to see that this is not yet addressed in official firmware. May be that’s why it was cheaper then other offerings :frowning:


Can we know if at least an official update is planned? I need to buy some others bulbs but I’m waiting to see if this problem will be solved or not before to proceed…


I will be honest, I only use Yeelight because I have a lot Mijia/Aqara devices and I’m not buying other brands now, but the day Xiaomi partners with Philips for his Hue brand, or LIFX I will switch with no regrets. I’m done with this company, they don’t care about their problems, it’s like Apple, “We fix it later”, but in this case, the later is never.

Their products are a mess, who releases a dimming switch witch cannot work with their most used product? It’s completely stupid that decision! And that is only one in dozens.


Was same boat as Horo86. Wantes to see if they get solved. Have been waiting from december amd now it is march soon. Just orderes philips hue. Yes they are pricey but atleast i can use them. Suggest you do the same


it is actually pretty simple. people need to go to their official Facebook page and let future customers how crappy Yeelight is treating their customers and their own products. hurt them where it hurts.
Yeelight even had the balls to go out there and try to convince that their “Aurora” led strip is smart. Tp-link is releasing soon an addressable rgb strip which can do exactly what “Aurora” strip can do and more. Ikea bulbs are now supported in Xiaomi’s ecosystem and the same goes for some Philips bulbs.

like you said, the only reason i am buying Yeelight bulbs is because of their good integration with Xiaomi’s ecosystem.

this 1% issue is going on forever. their product manager or designer or whatever his “job” is… must resign. they are focusing so hard on stupid Homekit and no-one in here gives a shit about it. issues after issues. remember the color accuracy thing? the red which was pink?


I have 5 x v1,1 x v2, bulbs and LED strip.
Could you whitelist me so i can test?
ID : 1611089888 on Singapore server


Please add me to the List of this patch.


Want to use my beside lamp as a night life. RGB color doens’t matter.



Please add me to the white list too

Id: 1893829151