Bright problem after firmware update(1.4.2_0070)

Hello, first, i alread search here if i found a topic with my problem, and i found… But i here to explain detailed others problems( Brightness loss for some RGB colours after latest firmware update (v1 bulb) )

Example: if i put light blue color: ( ) the color looks like this: ( ). Basically, the color is getting very whitish and is not giving more that PURE BLUE that had before the update

Another example is this: Before the update, when I put the lamp in this color: and the brightness at 100%, the lamp was very bright and white, very bright indeed, now i lost this function, the lamp not changing the bright when is set to this color. (

Thanks for reply and help me, please.

OBS: Sorry for my bad english, i from Brazil :sob:

We have the same problem with V2 lamp…Blue and Red are way off.

How do you update them?

yeelight app

You better not update them soleros…if you are happy with it never update it.Not sure if it will auto update itself though…

At 1% has lower brightness than before? In my app not shows the update (german server).

I don’t think its something that they fixed.I have V2 though so i cant tell you for sure.But even if they have fixed this problem,they introduced an even worse one.So i wouldn’t update if i was in your place.

I am very sad to have updated. I await support from Yeelight

Someone help me please :disappointed:

I am having the same problem. I have 5 color bulbs and a light strip all doing the same thing. When I set the brightness to 100% it is very dim. When I manually slide the brightness in the app it only changes brightness below 20%. I wish we could roll back the firmware or something.

Tengo el mismo problema, con la actualización a la versión 1.4.2_0070. En modo RGB, colores claros, sólo se ajusta el brillo en el rango del 1 a 50%. del 50% al 100% no hay cambio. Me gustaría tener las luces funcionando como estaban anteriormente. Espero se corrija en próxima actualización, ya que tengo 5 lamparas, y las compre por el buen brillo que tenían los colores.


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any news about it, please :sob:

Just wait for the next update.I also have V1 lamp now and its updated to the same firmware,but i didn’t see anything weird.Also the color supposed to be a variation of red not white.My lamp v1 when i choose the same color is not like yours tho its more white than red (but not too bright) And if we need white we can choose a bright white from the app.Its not that much of a problem.

20 days passed and I did not get a position on my problem.

Why there is this forum if nobody answers… :roll_eyes:

Yeelight staff please roll out an update that addresses all that issues encountered by the users :slight_smile:
I have performed the last firmware update but I did not notice any issues on my v1 bulbs, may be I’ve forgotten how did they work previously.
For my case I don’t use them as a nightlight, so the 1% too bright is not a problem to me. That being said, having a real 1% brightness would be highly appreciated.

Excuse me Yeelight, are you working on a fix or not? It’s been A MONTH!

I’m very disappointed with this “support”

I’ve thrown my bulbs in the trash. I’d rather spend more money for Philips Hue, at least I have a good light quality and an existing support in case of issues. I’m really disappointed but I realized this behavior is typical of Xiaomi (& co).

I will contact gearbest to cancel my purchase. 2 months passed and this company did not return any response.

I will not recommend Yeelight to anyone. You can not trust a company where you do not provide customer support.

thank you.