1% still too bright


I would like to use my LED color bulb as a night light. I have it at a really nice deep orange/yellow color that I love, but it’s still waaay too bright when set to 1%.

The bulb just does not dim well unfortunately. Is there any way to change that or am I stuck with this?


I have this issue as well. I have 6 bulbs installed in the same room. Whether they are set to white or colour, 1% is far too bright. There seems to be very little increment between 1% and 50%.

The lights are too bright at 1% to be used as I intended. They are much brighter at low brightness settings than the other smart bulb brands I have installed.

Is this a firmware problem or a hardware problem? If it can’t be rectified in a future firmware update I would be wanting to return my purchase.


I agree on this. 1% is way to bright for a sleeping room.


The same for me… too bright 1%


Yes 1% is too bright.
Please fix this issue.


Agree. If you compare what Yeelight Ceiling Lights can achieve. They have super low brightnes capability and I like it. Unlike bulbs and strips. They are way too bright.


agree…please fix


I agree also. I have one in my bedroom and is far too bright for my personal like. Hope you release a fix for it.


I heard about this problem before I bought it, but thought that “were I will have them, I don’t need them very dark” however, they are very bright!

The difference between 1 and 100 is about the difference between 90 and 100 in other lights.


Why are Yeelight or Xiaomi not responding to our cry for help. These bulbs are unusable in normal living room conditions. Waaaay too bright.
Can’t get my wife to accept these lights (let alone using wifi connected tech :-)).


Yeah, I agree. In the last few months the support from Yeelight here is very poor, and it’s sad, because I like the company and the products.

Let’s see if the competition “open their eyes” and do something about this. I’m talking about Aqara, witch recently release a bulb and the news about Mi Home soon will support the IKEA smart home products (witch have awesome bulbs too).


Can we please have an update? Are the Yeelight developers making attempts to resolve this issue or is it a hardware issue that cannot be resolved with a firmware update?

I will definitely not be purchasing any more Yeelight bulbs if this issue is not going to be addressed.


I’m joining this appeal too.
Bought a couple of bulbs for a test drive. Generally, I’m very happy with functionality/quality/price of these, except for the 1% brightness issue, which makes them not usable in bedroom.
I’m considering buying more of these bulbs, just this issue makes me put it on hold.


Fully agree on this one ! The 1% bright is still way too bright on strip band led and bulb which is uncomfortable for a bedroom


@luhaobo @dingyichen @coasterli

How can we catch your attention to this issue, please help as its clearly impacting quite a few of us. Thanks.


Use red light at 1%, that stimulate human eye the less.


Unless we actually paid money for these lights wanting a usable dim orange/yellow/white for ambience…

I feel like I’d be better off buying plain white Phillips Hue bulbs and dimming them. I also feel sorry for the seller I bought them from who I’ll have to launch a PayPal claim with, as it’s not their fault the product doesn’t perform as expected.

I would have potentially bought another 14 Yeelight LED colour bulbs, glad I only purchased 6 as a test first.

EDIT: the other problem with that solution is that the red isn’t even “red”, it’s pink…


Hi, all,

Thanks for the feedbacks and please be reassured that they are fully received and understood, and we will make enhancement to solve it.

We have can give an emergent patch for this now, with one side effects (reason why the brightness 1 is set a bit high), that colors are not represented accurately when brightness is low, e.g. light purple or pink looks more red, and cold white look a bit bluish.

If you can stand with this level of inaccuracy, we can expose the new patch to you via whitelist. This patch cannot go to the final release, because user may complain over this.

The long term fix requires some delicate modification in our color tuning algorithm and thus requires more time. We have started a workforce for this. Will report the progress in this thread.

Again, thanks for all your feedbacks and suggestions, and sorry for the inconvenience. Customer satisfaction is one of the major factors in our consideration and we will do our best to improve it.


Hi Liufei,

Thanks for your response!
For me the color accuracy is not as high priority as brightness, so I would gladly try the patch.
Also, I have a question: does this apply to both RGB and white gen2 bulbs?

Kind regards,


I would like to apply to this patch please ! My Mi ID is 1872611628