1% still too bright


@liufei connected to China and Downloaded and no difference to minimum brightness please fix asap


I can’t see any improvement with the new 0038 firmware.
Please Do Something.



Can l please be added to the whitelist.
Current version 1.4.2_0035



I have many lights on the beta 0037 firmware already with the fixed low brightness setting
I wonder if I update to the 0038 firmware, will I lose the low brightness setting?

This is taking much to long! The option for everyone to have a low brightness setting should be implemented now.

The adjustment to the color algorithms should be worked on later by the team.

The beta version 0037 was perfect for me, very happy with it, I know the color accuracy is not good at low brightness, but at least it makes the lights usable in low light envirement.

They should release the option to use the low light function now as an extra setting that can be enabled thru the yeelight app.


6166450773, please add me to beta firmware I too need lower night brightness.


Please, do not update or you will lose setting. I can’t see any different between 0036 and 0038.
Also do not update White bulb V2 to new firmware 2.0.4_0022, coz you can lose your bulbs completely.


Looks like we also need the option to pick which version fw we need now aswell not just the latest!


Thank you, already thinking it would be the case.


anything new for V2 users?
my MI ID is: 1735944572


Hi could you add me too? I have v2 bulbs.
Android MI ID 1898259175


Incredible, I asked several times to be in the white list, I still can not test the firmware.

I am beta tester of the application but I do not have access to the firmware.
I would like to understand how you operate?
0 to 100 does not work, how can you allow this? You make a firmware that compensates you is missing and you do not water all those who ask you.

Personally I make fun of the colors, make a daylight from 0 to 100% and I would be happy.
The purpose of this lamp essentially as it is a bedside lamp, is to correctly simulate the sunrise and the sunset.

Thank you to add me in the white list, I am on the server China. cordially

ID : 1906218761




Hi Yeelight Team,
Please add me to the v2 White list when ready. Thanks
Mi ID: 1890546706
Server: Singapore
Bulb: v2


There is no white list anymore!

The team is working on a sullotion for an upcoming firmware. When this will be we don’t know.
Hope they release it soon, it’s taking way to long for a simple fix.



There is still a whitelist they just not adding anyone to it. And the latest 0038 doesn’t have the fix anyway


Well I was on the whitelist, but they removed me because new lights I bought do not have the beta firmware anymore




Give an estimation when the new patch arrives


Guys go to their Facebook page and report there. Hit them were it hurts the most.

They are constantly making pub of a products that has so many flaws. New buyers should know what they are getting themselves into.


For me it’s over, this week I bought some Philips Hue lights, and I cannot be more satisfied, the app is amazing, the lag is almost none, the bridge accepts various brands of bulbs, some of them better priced than Yeelight, it works in almost every service in existence, and don’t f*ck your Wifi with dozens of connections.