Brightness loss for some RGB colours after latest firmware update (v1 bulb)


After the 1.4.2_0069 firmware update some lighter RGB colours lost a lot of brightness from my v1 bulb. For e.g. I have matched an incandescent bulb with rgb(255,160,70) (16752710 for the set_rgb command) because the 2700K colour temperature wasn’t the best match, however the brightness of the incandescent bulb, the RGB and the CT mode were the same (at 90-100% brightness value in the app). After the firmware update in RGB mode the max. brightness faded to about 60% of the original. In CT mode (2700K) the brightness remained the same.

After the disastrous update I have reset the bulb and re-added in the device list but the brightness loss didn’t change, so it’s in the new firmware.



Is it possible to downgrade to the previous working firmware?

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Hi, i cant see 1.4.2_69 update. It says 61 is last one. Are you using beta app?

Hi! I have a similar problem, and I’m not in the beta program, but I got this version.

No, it was a normal update for me. But I would definitely like to roll it back to the previous version :smiley:

Unfortunately nothing has changed with the latest firmware (1.4.2_0070) update. Decreased RGB brightness and colour patches under the bulb’s “skin”.

Is there any news? The same happened to both of my bulbs. On white settings they are fine, but on colored they are very dim. It happened after a firmware update (not app update).