Google Home/Alexa/IFTTT won't support Mijia of Yeelight


If you use Yeelight application, you would find Yeelight support device that made by Yeelink with brand of Yeelight and Mijia.

With latest policy of Mijia, they don’t allow 3-rd partner control devices with brand Mijia. So you can’t see these devices from google home/Alexa/IFTTT. Any problems please contact support team of Mihome.

If you want control these devices that disappears from google home/Alexa/IFTTT, please try with mihome skill.


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When does this policy was applied? And why did it take this arbirtrary desition without taking in consideration the customers?

If so, why did i find by myself a solution by creating new profiles from scratch for both Alexa and Yeeligth?

Does anybody from the support staff in this forum has any idea what they are talking about? You are a bunch of miss informed people with no solutions whatsoever to anybody, since i posted this same issue on several threads in this forum, every “staff member” has answered a different thing and asked information that has solved nothing.

Dear Yeelight staff,

Could you please clarify and explain more in details what this new policy is and what we should do to have the bulbs working again?

We bought these bulbs which are branded Yeelight and not Mija. They were bought on the assumption that they would work with Google Home and Alexa, as advertised on their box.

What all the existing customers who bought the device under this assumption are supposed to do now?

The Mi Home app, for some reasons, DOES NOT recognize the latest Yeelight Bulb White, so your suggestion does not help.

In addition, what you say is hard to believe given that the devices still work in some hours of the day or respond very very slowly. If support has been demised, they shouldn’t work at all anymore.

Could you show a little respect to your customers and explain the situation and the possible solutions better?


Its not working anymore. The 1st issue is yeelight 650 didn’t support ambient colour change. Now, all devices offline. Really dissapointed with yeelight. Sure i still can use mihome skill. But for galaxy 650? I use alexa & mihome singapore server that not support galaxy 650. Its useless now.

Then, how can I use scene in Mi Home app and sync them to Google Home?
For now, I can only turn on/off Mijia lamps in Google Home routines.

The yeelights worked fir a bit w Alexa now they do not - I thought instead of using the Yeelight app I’d try the mi home app but I get to the end of the discovery process and won’t save the light so no device. I was going to ask if mi home app works w Alexa but since it doesn’t work with the yeelights at all I won’t ask.
Is there a way to set timers
I’d like to know if it’s possible to have the lights go on at 5 pm off at 8 pm on and 10 pm off at 2 am

Might be nice if there was o instructions somewhere but I’m guessing there is not?

I spent 4 days w tech support for Alexa since no one could pin down where the problem not connecting was coming from.

It’s you.

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Yes, you can have a try with Yeelight application, click right-bottom button in the page of control view, you will see a feature of “Schedule”, where you can set timers.

Do you have a source for this ?
I haven’t been able to find anything telling that Mijia/Xiaomi won’t allow 3rd app anymore

Voici la réponse de Google au sujet de la relation partenaire, source :

Google LLC28 décembre 2019
Bonjour Philippe, Yeelight est bien application partenaire. Débranchez vos appareils ( box/ Google Home) pendant 2 minutes puis une fois tout rebranchée dîtes " ok Google Syncrhonises mes appareils". Ici le lien de l’assistance si besoin: Excellent week end et meilleurs voeux pour 2020!

Hi Fifi69,
We’re talking about Mijia devices (linked through Yeelight app), not Yeelight brand devices as Google mentioned.


except mi home doesn’t support (or does it now?) enabling Local Lan access, so I can’t use Home Assistant (along with Google Home, and a mobile app).

So this is definitely a step backwards.

LAN access is enabled in Yeelight app. Once you enable it, it is there. Has nothing to do with google.

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I just bought 2 Xiaomi Led Bulb Color that are working fine through the Yeelight app and mi home app but alexa can’t discover it.
can you please help me?
my MI ID is 6241587328


Hi, you can discover Xiaomi bulb by Xiaomi alexa skill.

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Yes; I know. But if I unlink the devices from the Yeelight app and link them to the Xiaomi Mi Home app, will LAN access still be enabled?

Why would you unlink them from Yeelight app? That is the same thing. Once you add devices to Yeelight, they will be visible in Mihome. And other way round. They use same servers.

so I can use google home to control them. That is the whole point of this thread.

I have mijia lights. Currently in Yeelight App. I want to control them from Google Home. And via LAN control. and Via App.

LAN access is set from Yeelight app… you set it there and it is on. The servers are the same, so you can’t remove them from Yeelight. Just add mihome skill and it will appear in google home.