Unable to set sunrise alarm clock

I have installed the update toda but it still doesn’t work like it should. If i save a scene (for example sunrise) as a favourite the colour flow changes from blue to green over red and not like it should from orange over yellow to white. Problem is also described here where you said it has been solved:

You can’t save sunrise as a favorite in latest version. Please hold on.

I have Version 3.1.03 now

Could you post some picture to show the step you try?

I will take a look at the issue. Here is a better way to set sunrise for alarm clock:

When i push on „turn off with scene“ i get the same option as you. But when i push „turn on with scene“ i get this:

German here, exactly the same problem. Wake up light was one of the main reasons Why I bought it. :frowning:


Please have try with it.

I tried, I ignored the description (got the same like jigsaw has…) this is what It looks like now.

Btw: concerning the scenes: where can I see, what they work like? (like editing them?)

There’re three kinds of type of scene : Recommend scene, Customization light and Favorite

  1. Recommend, you can find them in control view, which is recommended by Yeelight;
  2. Customization light, you can create/edit it in Customization;
  3. Favorite, which is you create in control view.

There’s an issue to save “sunrise/sunset”, cause this is a scene with a period. We will consider to make optimization of it soon, currently please use “Turn on with scene” instead.

So i Think i can bring “Light” in this Thread. In Yeelight App there is a mistranslation in the english App “Turn on with State” is in the German App translation “Turn on with Scene”/ Mit Szene einschalten and “Turn on with Scene” in the english App is in the German App Translation " Turn off with Scene" Mit Szene ausschalten. Thats why German Users are confused about. When i Turn the Phone Language in English it is right translated. Hope you fix it in a new Update.

Thanks for your feedback, do you mean

“Turn on with State” is Mit Szene ausschalten
“Turn off with Scene” is Mit Szene einschalten


Yes thats confusing in the German App. Its not right translated. Do you see whats i mean?

Yes, I want to know if this is the right translation? If yes, i will change it.

No! “Turn on with State” is in German “Einschalten ohne Szene” and “Turn on with Szene” is “Einschalten mit Szene” . Hope that helps you. Or you can write “Turn on with State” with “Ohne Szene einschalten” and “Turn on with Scene” with “Mit Szene einschalten” what you prefer i dont know.

“Ausschalten” is “Turn off” and that makes no Sense. Thats why German Users are Confused.

Thanks, I choose this translation, and will change it.


I translated “Einschalten ohne Szene” and “Turn on with Szene” from google to English, i don’t think the mean is what we want.

What do you think the following translation:

"Turn on with State" is "Schalten Sie mit Status ein"
"Turn on with Scene" is "Einschalten mit Szene"