Unable to set sunrise alarm clock

Hello! My new Yeelight bedside lamp Wi-fi addition just arrived and i found it impossible to set up Sunrise schedule (which was the reason to by it in the first place). There is no wake-up light mode in both apps. And it is impossible to set sunrise template in schedule. I tried to save sunrise template as favorite in order to set it in schedule, but instead of sunrise it turns on random mode. I hope you can help me work out this problem. Thank you

We have do some optimization of scene selection option, will release very soon.

For now, if you have Android phone, you can have a try with beta version 3.0.39. https://play.google.com/apps/testing/com.yeelight.cherry

The Update you released today hasn‘t solved the problem. I still can’t add a scene to my timers.

We released few days ago. Could you post a picture to show it? Note please use Yeelight application.

I go to “scenes” --> “create scene” and choose the “sunrise” Symbol --> I give it a Name --> “choose standard scene” and it says no favorites…

another way i tried is:

I go to “devices” --> "i push “sunrise” --> i push the “star symbol” to save it as a favourite and give it a name.
When i now set a timer it works but the sunrise colour changes from a orange/yellow to green?!? Is it normal that sunrise goes from orange/yellow to green?

Not idea about what you mean. Could you send a screen capture of that?

Actually it works with the other way i tried, but the problem is the colour change in the scenes. When i add sunrise to my favourites the colour change is strange (orange to green). I think its the same issue than here:

Where did you get this prompt? Could you send me a screen capture of that?

We have release a new version 3.1.00, which does some optimization of scene action. Please update to it and have a try!

I cant find it in the German App Store and the App says i already have the newest version with 3.0.07.
i need an Update for IOS

IOS version 3.1.00 is in QA, will be available in two days.

I have installed the update toda but it still doesn’t work like it should. If i save a scene (for example sunrise) as a favourite the colour flow changes from blue to green over red and not like it should from orange over yellow to white. Problem is also described here where you said it has been solved:

You can’t save sunrise as a favorite in latest version. Please hold on.

I have Version 3.1.03 now

Could you post some picture to show the step you try?

I will take a look at the issue. Here is a better way to set sunrise for alarm clock:

When i push on „turn off with scene“ i get the same option as you. But when i push „turn on with scene“ i get this:

German here, exactly the same problem. Wake up light was one of the main reasons Why I bought it. :frowning: