Sunrise Sunset Scenes Issues

I would like to set up my Yeelight LED bulb colour to be able to go into sunset mode, ideally through amazon echo activation, and to wake me up using the sunrise feature at a set time in the morning.

However even when in the Yeelight app, if I attempt to save the recommended “sunset” or “sunrise” flow (choosing the save current state - I can’t see another way to save the recommended), then set up a scene selecting this. When I activate the scene, the bulb (instead of performing the sunset or sunlight flow) changes between the colours (green to red to orange etc).

I have used IFTTT to work around the morning wake up. But would still like to work it out in app for both functions. How can you save the recommended flows to favourites?

Any help greatly appreciated.


Will do some optimization to support.

I have the same issue. I want to set a sunrise schedule for every morning, but there’s no way to select a default flow.

So I created a favorite based on the sunrise flow, but when I use that, the lamps just randomly uses yellow-orange-red color flow - and not the sunrise.

The sunrise scene is the reason why I bought the bulbs and I can’t use them. Any ETA on the fix?

I’m on Android, using the new app v3.0.03.

In a month i think. There will be some UX and UI work to be done. Once they are nailed down, we will do it.

Same issue here, when I set sunrise scenes and activate it, then bulb changes between the green - red -orange etc.

Same here - sunrise works perfectly when I click the “recommend” sunrise button. If I click “Favourites” and save the current state, then activating that favourite instead makes the light pulse from dark red to blue/green every second. This means I can’t add sunrise to IFTTT schedules.

Could you add all of the “recommend” settings as scenes by default?

@tomaselliot @hubert

Have done the optimization, will release a new version in a week.