JeeLight - ultimate Yeelight Playground

JeeLight is an awesome software for controlling Yeelight devices from a PC. It was developed due to there being literally only one other similar app available for PC, which could only control 1 Yeelight at a time – JeeLight can control up to 8 simultaneously, and has a ton of additional features for the user to play with.

Think of JeeLight as being the ultimate Yeelight experience for PC – whether you need ambient lighting for your office, a powerful Ambilight Mode that enhances immersion, or creating scenes and lighting presets for hosting parties, JeeLight can do everything you need.

  • JeeLight’s Core Features:

  • Real Ambilight (“Ambilight creates light effects that correspond to the screen content.”)

    • The capturing Zones can be set up individually for each Light by drag&drop.
    • Flash detection (adds immersion to scenes with flashing lights)
    • CPU Multithreading (experimental)
    • Detect average or predominant colors – results vary depending on screen content.
    • Zone testing (launches a video to quickly test and configure your JeeLight zones)
      Watch the Demo video here!
  • Playground

    • Set each Yeelight (or all together, Grouping) to your favorite color.
    • Mouseflow tracks your mouse cursor and changes your Yeelights to whatever you’re mousing over.
  • Effectcreator

    • Create your own effects. Easy as 1-2-3
  • Sceneplayer

    • Play Presets or our own Effects created in Effectcreator
    • Set different Effects to different Lights and play them at the same time
    • Upload your custom Effect to the community Server
    • Download other custom Effects and use or edit them
  • Specials

    • Circadian Lighting wich slowly synchronizes your color changing lights with local perceived color temperature of the sky throughout the day. This gives your environment a more natural feel, with cooler whites during the midday and warmer tints near twilight and dawn.
    • Roompaint
      With this mode all colors will flow slowly from one Light to the next one. And paint your room with uncountable beautiful colors.
  • Runs on Windows, MacOS and Linux

  • Supports RGBW Bulb, Strip and Bedside Lamp

There will be more and more Features over time!

Please note:

  • There is a Firmware issue in Yeelight bulbs which cause flickering due to high Framerate in Ambilight. I am in contact with Yeelight and there will be a Firmware update soon. Users of the beta firmware are able to activate the new feature ( Send Beta Commands) .
  • The software is in a final beta state and may not yet be working as expected – please report any bugs encountered in the forum. Furthermore its only tested on Windows, but should work on other OS too.
  • You need to enable “LAN-Control” in the Yeelight app for each Light.
  • JeeLight is free . However, I would be happy to accept small donations. This will help me to pay my hardware and server costs, as well the huge amount of coffee which is needed to develop more crazy stuff. (there’s a lot of nightly hours :). Each donator will become a Beta-tester and receive every new function at first.
  • You can use the installer for Windows and MacOS which already includes the Java runtime.
    For Linux you have to download the Java Runtime and start JeeLight with “java -jar JeeLight.jar”

Also check out the Guide!

Visit the Community forum!


I watched the video and it looks awesome. I love the idea of being able to set diferent zones for each device. Sadly it is not working for me, it can’t detect my bulb.

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Ive updated JeeLight. This discovery is a very difficult task for me. i hope it works now.
If not i will give the option to enter the IP adress manually

If someone want to test Hand in Hand with me, everyone can write me on Discord:

That’s super cool! Will try it on my computer when you release it on MacOS.

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I can only find v1.2

Its the same :slight_smile:
Let me know how i can contact you quickly, for keeping this thread clean. The Update process is a huge process everytime:)

Are you going to put it on GitHub?

I redownloaded it and still doesn’t work. You can just PM me and we can debug this together whenever you have time

I cannot pn you:
“Sorry, you cannot send a message to this person.”
Maybe write me on Discord or something else, to have the possibility to transfer files

That’s weird. Anyway, I’ve added you on discord

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New Version 1.3 is online.
Added a manual IP Input if discovery doesnt work

Awesome! We can recommend your tool in Yeelight app if you are interested. Let me know. @Blueforcer

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This is exactly what we expect from the community, Thanks for the amazing works and please continue to bring us more and more.

Yeelight team will contact you and help to improve this project, I am sure more Yeelight users would love #Jeelight.

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Watched the demo video, really fantastic!!
Brilliant job!

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Watched the demo video, it looks awesome.

Download beta version in win10 to test, but I got “The setup files are corrupted. Please obtain a new copy of the program” when setup. I tried serval times, same result.

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If you want to help me, than please read my other Post. There is a huge issue for me:

Please try to download it here again:
(Note: this is a old version. Try to download from website pls)

Version 1.4 is online:

Now it supports Windows, MacOS and Linux.
You can use the installers for Mac and Windows. The Installers already include the Java runtime.
For Linux you have to download the Java Runtime and start JeeLight with “java -jar JeeLight.jar”
You can also start the JeeLight on Mac and Windows without installation on the same way.

Will have a try.