Yeelight flickers


I’m currently developing an ambilight application that first put the bulb into music mode.
I noticed that the bulb flickers very briefly with every command. This happen on every of my 5 Bulbs!
This is very noticeable and annoying when sending every 100ms. Even when i send the exact same value. (So the bulb shouldnt to do anything after the second command)
I have to go to about 300ms, so it’s not so noticeable. However, this does not allow fast scenarios to be implemented.
I think this is a firmware problem. Can this be solved?

I have the exact same problem with my Windows app Yeelight Toolbox.
It’s really hard to find balance between low response times and smoothness. For movies it’s not a big deal, but for videogames, low response times are a must

I made a test now and send the exact same command every 100ms…and it seems that the bulb flickers every 100ms. I think the firmware turn off the lamp for a ms or less and after that it switch the bulb on again and do the command. This should really be solved by a firmware update

We will take a look at the issue.


Hi, we have noticed this issue and have a fix (based on our understanding) now. The new version is open for beta users. Would you mind providing your Xiaomi Accound ID so that we can append onto the whitelist? Thanks.

PS: For the update to take effect, you need to update the firmware and replace the effect string “smooth” with “linear”. E.g. to turn the bulb red:


My MI ID: 1622446502
Does it also works with set_hsv ?

ID: 575276085

Did not test; should work because it’s common function. Pls try it out.

awsome! works great now. such a smooth colorfading without flickering. love it

But it seems that the update does not affect set_bright. It also flickers briefly with every brighness command

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Even when the brightness stays the same ?
I thought the ‘flicker’ occurs when the brightness goes down then up, or up then down. When you set bright, the brightness goes in one single direction, it should not flicker. Please try set_bright using “smooth”/“linear” to see if there are any differences.

Well… im sorry, set the brighness transition to 10 instead of 100.
Ive now set to smooth and brightnessfading works also now. thanks.
Did you look at my pm? maybe we could fix something more:)

I have not tested yet but I’m very happy it works great now! Good job guys. I’ll test as son as I can and confirm it.

I updated my bulb and I’m testing it right now. The transition is very sudden with the linear parameter

Hi, Linear does have transition. What’s the firmware version your bulbs are running? Must be 1.4.2_0068 for V1 bulbs or 1.4.2_0032 for V2 bulbs. The previous versions do not support “linear” option yet. Or did you use a very small interval? Please note the transition granulity is 10ms.

Oh I see. I’m running v1.4.2_0066 (first gen bulb)
I checked several times and it doesn’t update

Double checked and am positive your account is in the whitelist. Guess your bulb is registered to servers out of China mainland. It could take one day or so for servers to sync up.

That makes sense, I use the european server. Thanks!

ID: 1856791457
can I please be whitelisted for the beta firmware?

all set

I’m still not getting the update. I’m stuck at 0066