JeeLight - ultimate Yeelight Playground

Version 1.5 is online:

  • threading mode wich controls all lights simultaneously
  • brightness control
  • flash detection wich may give a Action szene more effects and immersion. If huge brightness difference is detected the light will switch to full white for a fraction of a second. This is the first version and i have to deal with the values a bit more

Thanks for the app, so far it is working fine.
Is it only demo app which will be closed automatically after some times?

For now, yes

Umm… There’s something wrong with the Mac version. Error shows up when you first open it.

I will have a look at this issue

i’ll try this. so the demo says it’s only good for 20mins? after 20mins, if i restart the program will it work again?


Updated Jeelight to v1.8!
(Mac version will be updated soon!)
Awesome new features were added!
All information can be found in the updated description at top!
Stay tuned!

v2.0 will arrive soon!
Some nice features:

  • Choose from average or predominate Color in ambilight
  • Switch to choose between commandtypes (for Beta or official Firmware) for really smooth Ambilight
  • Zonetester for testing your configured Capturezones
  • MouseFlow will change the Lights to the color where your Mousecursor pointing at
  • Music visualiser (experimental)
  • with the new Scenecreator you can create your own Scenes and save & share them. Easy as 1-2-3
  • in sceneplayer you can start different Scenes on different lights at the same time via drag&drop
  • Search for Updates


Thank you for your hard work…
Can’t wait to try it later.

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Version 2.0 is now available!

after countless hours of coding the last days, its finally done.
Next to the points mentioned in my last post, there are some more features:

  • Onlinebrowser, for sharing custom effects with the community!
  • you can download a effect and edit as you like.
  • extremely flexible Effectcreator with many features.
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Oh, I’m impressed and inspired by your work! But the program constantly falls after a few minutes on my hackintosh 10.9.5. Is it planned to integrate with flux?

Thank you!
mhh i cannot promise that it works on a Hackintosh. But it works fine on my MacBook Pro 2011 with MacOS 10.13.3. Maybe we have to work together to find the Problem.
What is flux?

F.lux is a program that reduces the blue level of the monitor depending on the time of day. Maybe there is an opportunity to catch from it the values of color and use them in lamps? (just under mac os, I do not yet find well-working applications in this vein).

Also, I do not have some switches on the “ambilight” page active. Speed does not change, I can not set the checkboxes-detection of flashes, non-stop (well, there’s no need for me), black to blue.

Color changes with sliders occur with short flicker. Brightness, temperature or different colors - all are regulated with flickering (similar to a short flicker of the lamp between changes).

And when the color is perceived by the mouse - everything is very smooth and pleasant. I would like the same smooth work for the sliders.

When switching between tabs and returning to the “playground”, you have to re-select the devices for control - not very convenient. If the device is not selected, but change the color settings, then the bulbs fall off the connection. We have to wait a little for reconnection later.

Perhaps the fall of the program occurred because of the same name in the bulbs. The further the program works, the more stable it behaves)

In general, everything looks promising and enjoyable. Thanks for the development!
And sleep please at night) The brain must rest, that would be more attentive and not make mistakes … eh and coffee I adore …

Will it be able to work in the tray?

i will have a look at this. maybe i can implement my own. I also thought about an Circadian Lighting wich slowly synchronizes your color changing lights with local perceived color temperature of the sky throughout the day. This gives your environment a more natural feel, with cooler whites during the midday and warmer tints near twilight and dawn.

Its only available with the PRO version

Flickering is a problem with the Yeelight firmware itself. Due high transmission rate (one command for every change in the colorpicker) the Light flickers. MouseFlow only catch every 300ms the color and send it to the light.

Thats because the light have 2 Modes…a client mode wich only allows 144 commands per minute, and a server mode without restrictions but also without any responses. Dont know why Yeelight do this. anyway.
Because sometimes i need responses i switch between these 2 Modes if the tab changing. But i think i have a solution for this, and im working right now to solve this better.

corrently not. V2.0.1 gets an “start minimized” and “run Ambilght on start” option. I have a look for tray, but since JeeLight is a crossplatform Application, i have to think about every option.

Cool! Thank you!

HA! I do not find the buttons to turn off and turn on the light.

Oh yes, it’s smoother.

I’m from Russia. The German server was recommended in the program …

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Will fix it ASAP.

Version 2.12
New Settingstab (run Ambilight at Start, start minimized etc)

Circadian Light was added, a lighting system designed to tap into the cycles our bodies’ follow each day, based on the color of the sky

(only for Pro users)