App for Windows

Hi, since the Xioami sells laptops with Windows, are you going to make an application to manage the bulbs from the Windows operating system? I have the Windows tablet and I wanted to use it as a control center but there is your application


It would be very nice.

That will be good, just like Philips Hue Sync.
Sadly to sad, it seems like Yeelight does not have any plan for it.
However, we have lots of very good developer user here.
One of the Windows App for Yeelight which I will recommend is Yeelight Toolbox (Yeelight Toolbox).
It does basic turn on/off, changing color/color temperature.
Moreover, it supports movie mode. This is the game changer.
The developer also promises to improve the function by adding bulbs grouping in the future. This is something worth to anticipate.

You can also opt for ios platform and use MacBook from apple customer service where you can also run Yeelight Toolbox

Just check out JeeLight. It has a ton of advanced features including real Ambilight with up to 8 Yeelights. And runs on all desktopplatforms.