【Google Home】Mainland China Server Support - Released

We have officially released new version Yeelight Google Home service to support Mainland China server.

If you have any questions about that, please leave a message here.



Oh, great news!! As I recently moved back to China Server I would like to test Yeeligh action in Mainland China Server. I will send you my Xiaomi ID.

PS: Any news about the duplicate devices issue if both Mi Home and Yeelight actions are enabled?

We have no idea about the issue, cause GH will sync all devices it supports. So if there’s more than one skills support one device, it will be discovered more than once. I think the best way to resolve the issue is on GH, they can filter devices by device id (Or something can identity the device). For now you can resolve the issue by naming alias for your devices.

Is Google aware of this issue? Did you or Xiaomi try to contact Google to find a solution?
I don’t know if it’s possible, but xiaomi could add an option in MI Home app to include/exclude Yeelight devices from Google Assistant.
I have already open a topic in Google Assistant support forum but I had no replies…

There is already a topic here in Yeelight forum for that issue

Interested! Sent my MI ID over PM

Good point! Cause there are hundreds of ecosystem company to make product, I don’t know if xiaomi will add filter for all the devices.

We will ask Google Home about the issue, but I am not sure if they will make some changes. :joy:

If Google has no interest to solve the issue, then I am sure that Yeelight and Xiaomi can solve it. I don’t think it’s hard to do it, unless you are not working close with Xiaomi anymore.
If Yeelight action on Mainland China server pass the beta stage, then you could ask Xiaomi to completely remove your devices from Google Assistant on Mi Home action…

First of all, it’s not an bug. Yeelight actions and MiHome actions are totally independent service from google perspective, google home will never know the devices from MiHome and Yeelight are the same or not.

Looking forward to this! Sent you my ID in a PM

HI, i test the google home integration with china server, all seem to work.
Just a little problem i can see the scenarios from singapore server and german server in Google Home.

Yeah, that’s right, because you created scene on Singapore server and german server. if you don’t need it, you can delete on Yeelight app.

May I know it the light will be appearing under Xiaomi or Yeelight in Home Control of Google Home?

if your light connected on China server, you should provide Xiaomi ID

I am just wondering.
I have my tuneable white light linked to China Mainland Server. All others are in Singapore Server.
I had provided my Xiaomi ID but the tunable white light appears under Yeelight instead of Xiaomi.
I need to know what is the rule of it, so that I will know which server I should link for future.

As we have added your xiaomi id into whitelist, no matter which server you have connected, all the devices could be discovered by YEELIGHT actions service.

Why your tunable white light not appears under Xiaomi actions server? That’s because that device has not been supported by Xiaomi actions service, nothing to do with which server you have connected.

Thank you very much, you have cleared all my doubts.
Previously, the tunable light bulb was not working in GH because I have it in China Mainland Server.
Now, I can connect it to Mijia App and GH both together.
That’s really wonderful act.
Thank you for working hard to make it better!

Glad to hear it works for you! Any problem, please don’t hesitate to let us know!

Add me into beta channel

How to send PM with my ID? I can only answer messages I got, but I can’t create new messages.
FAQ and many other pages can’t be called: “unsupported protocol”. I am accessing the forum on Android chrome browser.