Duplicated lights in Google Assistant Home Control Setting


After Xiaomi Mihome integrated into Google Home/Assistant, a light will appear twice in the Google Home setting.
I tried to just ignore it.
However, Google home stop taking up my command for a particular light.
For example, I have 1 bulb named table light.
It used to be responded well if I say Turn on table light.
Google Home just said can’t turn on table light after the Mihome integration.
Any solution?

We will take a look at it.


any news about the issue with duplicate devices?

You’s better choose one skill of Yeelight or Mihome, or you can have a try change nickname of device in Alexa application.

One day, on a ideal world, that Xiaomi will support all yeelight devices with scenes favorites etc., then using only Mi Home action on Google Assistant it will be fine. For now it’s not an option though for people that are using many yeelight devices and have some xiaomi supported devices at the same time.
Setting a nickname for a bulb on Google Assistant some times helps but you always have to remember a nickname. Also you always need to specify the room in order to make the command work. For example, till now I had to say turn on kid’s Bedroom Bulb on yeelight actions. Now I have to say turn on test bulb (nickname) on kids bedroom to make it work.
At the end of the day, we have a mess on our Google Assistant settings with duplicate devices and it would be nice to work with xiaomi and Google to see if there is a solution

What about Google Home?
We can’t choose only either Yeelight or MiHome.
Yeelight from MiHome action do not support scenes.
If I unlink MiHome, all other plugs will be gone too.