Can't Link Yeelight Actions to Google Home


I just found success logs, so it works ?


Made for Google team and I found that there is an issue between Yeelight, the latest release of Google Home and Xioami Mi8. I’ve linked it with another phone with an old release of Google Home and it worked.


OK, you can report this issue to GoogleHome team.


Can not relink to Google home, my id: 1610192647. Server using Singapore. Please help. Thanks.



Please have a try this solution:

  1. clear default browser cache.
  2. clear GoogleHome App cache.
  3. Login GoogleHome App and re-link Xiaomi account.



already do 1-3 solution and sill not linked. To make sure, I uninstalled and reinstall Google Home app. I am using Mi8 Phone on Android 9. Already tried to link from my other phone (Mi5s Plus) using Android 8, and still can’t linked Yeelight to Google Home.
Edit: Solved, by uninstall Google update to factory version. Relink Yeelight, and update Google again.


Hi, i got a similar problem. The Mi Led desk lamp connects to the yeelight server without any problem and controlt by the yeelight app. But now the google home cant reach it. It appears as offline in the google home app. I have tried resetting the lamp and unlinking the account. But still wont work with google home. Im on the German server.
Also tried to log in with the Mi ID, didnt make any difference
Mi ID: 1892890263

FIXED: By linking to the Mi Home app instead of the Yeelight app.


Thanks for tip, worked for me too!


What did you bring to factory version, the home app? How did you go about this?


Hi, same problem as many users : Yeelight association says “linked” but service are not connected (doesn’‘t appear in Google Home associated services). Tried dozen of times without luck. From there, my Yeelight strip V2 doesn’'t appear in Google Home. Connected to german server, my ID : 1754651695. Thx


Not the Google Home app. That’s system app called “Google”, just uninstall updates revert to factory version. Relink Yeelight on Google Home app, after success, update “Google” again to latest version.


What a weird trick ! But that made it work. Many thanks for the help !


Hello! I can not connect yeelight to GH.
I have Mi LED Smart Bulb -11. Through the application Mihome and Yeelight control without problems. Connection Server RUSSIA. Bulbs were bought in the official store. Mi ID 4157892630


Sorry, Russia server are not support Google Home yet.


Im having this exact problem as well!

MI ID: 1911435827


Same problem here, I wrote a new discussion to explain better my problem

Xiaomi ID: 1583330449


I have a similar problem to the poster above. I have no problem interacting with my Yeelight devices via my smart phone. But once I try to integrate the Yeelight app with Google Home it shows a loading screen but doesn’t show any of the devices being present. I have also tried all the suggested fixes.

ID: 1762099902


Hi there,

I hope someone can help me. I purchased a Yeelight for testing, to confirm I can integrate it with Google Home before I purchase other Yeelights.

I can discover the light through the Yeelight Android app, and control it without problems (although it does seem quite laggy). I can also use the IFTTT applets through Google Assistant just fine. However, when I go to link my Yeelight account to Google Home, it fails without error message.

Having chosen “Have Something Else To Set Up” from Google Home, selected Yeelight and authorised my Mi account, it spins on “Linking your Yeelight Account”, then returns to the main “Have Something Else to Set Up” page without any further messages No matter how many times I try this it loops each time.

I’ve tried swapping servers between Singapore, US, and Germany but this doesn’t change anything. I also tried logging into the Mi account via email and Mi Id and it makes no difference.

My Mi Id is 1578510048. Am I doing something obviously wrong here? The light is a Yilai Ceiling Lamp Hefeng 430.




Could you record a video for me ?



I didn’t find any devices on this account, could you post a screenshot including Xiaomi ID and device list ?