Can't Link Yeelight Actions to Google Home


Same problem here.
Couldn’t work since last night.
This morning, unlinked yeelight actions in Google Home and now can’t add it back.
Tried adding the MiHome actions but also can’t be added.

Mi account: 1558942896 (Singapore server)


Sorry guys, same problem for me. Yeelight Candela on German Server, try to link with Assistant in Google Home but nothing happens. My id is 1755999327 Thanks!!!


I was able to get google home to control my yeelight account. Unlink and re-link again now i was unable to get yeelight added. my ID server. Thanks


Hi, I need help pls with a similar issue. I unlinked Yeelight (Colour LED Bulb) from Google Home because i had added Actions/Scenes which needed updating.

But I couldn’t relink yeelight to Google home after that. After re-adding device, the message shows “account is now linked” but Yeelight devices refuse to show up on Google Home.

My Yeelight ID is 1677793201. Singapore server.

I’ve alrwady tried factory reset for my bulbs. Still cannot re-link to Google Home.



Yeelight Candela is Bluetooth devices, can’t supported GoogleHome.


if you want add new scenes, don’t need unlink, you can say “Okay Google, sync devices”.

About “Accounts now linked”:
This issue has been feedback to Google.

Temp solution :

  1. clear browser cache
  2. change default mobile browser
  3. use another mobile

Cannot re-link Yeelight Colour Bulb to Google Home

Hi please help. I cannot link my yeelight to my google home app !


MI ID: 1681364100

I have tried every server but I still cannot link my yeelight to my google home.


Could you record a video for me ?
My email:


Hi.the same., It is impossible connect my yeelight Smart led bulb tunable white with Google Home. Please help!
My id 1870187859. Singapore.I don’t know what can I do. I tried with another. Germany, usa…but didn’t work.
Thanks yeelight anticipate
Yesterday I was so excited but today I am sad.
Help me please.
Today I tried to connect with China and finally works on Google Home.
Thanks for all!


I Have a Yeelight bulb V2 color properly working through phone app. But I am not able to connect to my Google Home.
My ID is 1667400767. Singapore Server
Thank you


I have the same issue. I can’t link the yeelight account to Google home. I’m from Germany server, my id is 1879773147



Are there error message display ?



I didn’t find any logs, could you record a video for me ?

My email:


No message error. This is what happens:


Do you have two accounts?




On this step, please type in your Xiaomi ID, you’d better not use email.


It works! Thank you so much!


have a good time


Can’t connect (again) account with Google home.
Server: Singapore
Lights: 2 White bulb II, 1 White bulb, 2 RGB bulb
iD: 1838850611