Can't Link Yeelight Actions to Google Home



Thanks for the response. I removed the light to try and add to Mi Home (which wasn’t recognised), and then never added back to my account.

I will re-add it this evening and reply then!

Thank you,


Edit: somehow this is working now - was anything changed on my account?!?

Hi, please find images attached.

Are these what you need?



Okay, something seems good.


I can’t add my lamp to Google Home too.
Mi ID 1814908377

Can you please do your magic?



What error message displayed ?


Well, I don’t get any error. The lamp just doesn’t appear in Google Home.
I have this lamp (as the other two lamps) in two apps: Mi Home and Yeelight app.
When linking Google Home with Mi Home, then lamp does not appear, but when linking Google Home with Yeelight app - it does appear. The problem here is if I link it with Yeelight app - it duplicates all other lamps in Google Home (shows both Mi Home and Yeelight app bindings) and only one lamp that I am having problem with…
I hope I explained it understandable… :slight_smile:

Is there anything you can do here?


Maybe Mi Home doesn’t support all device type, please use Yeelight action on GoogleHome App.


Hi, after i linked my google home to Yeelight account, home up bring me back tu set up option and didnt show me any lights for set up. I am connected to Singapure server with my Yeelight app. My ID is 1583592587. Could you please help with this?



I didn’t find this ID’s log. could you record a video ?