Yeelight RGB Bulb V2


looks like the price has gone up.
the bulb appeared in Gearbest too.

anyone knows who has it under 20? aliexpress changed the price


Use coupon code NEWYEE27 on gearbest


Under 20€? 18,05€ Code: NEWYEE27

You’re welcome.


@weiwei You wrote on Suggestions for future bulb versions that the specs are exactly as I proposed.

Can you confirm that instead of the 1st generation color bulb where warm colors had to be mixed out of a very cold base color combined with warm colors, 2700K is used now as white base color resulting in a better warm white experience?


@lepathi @AntonPhilips
you guys seriously rock…

ordered 3


New version 2 Tunable White E27 is also availabe and 22% off on gearbest €18.87 FREE Shipping.


Could you comfirm if 2700K LEDs are used for warm white ?
Any details on IRC at 2700K?


personally i don’t understand the reason of existence of the tunable white.

the rgb can do that too and the price difference is tiny


I’m not an expert in LED, but I believe that with RGBW you never get a high output with the color white (so way less than the 800 Lumen) and the white color is never that good as the bulb will mix it with other colors.

(Unless they have different temperature white leds now inside the new bulb,
With the previous version I notist a tiny bit of green when set to white)

I prefer mainly white bulbs as my main lightning in the house, and use just a few RGB for color accents.

A good step forward from Yeelight that they made the new White Tunable available as the old White bulb did not have a warm white temperature.


You are right, tunable white will provide more lumens.


will the v2 bulbs be made available to setup in singapore server?




Is there a button for yeelight bulbs that works with Singapore server?


Do you mean the Xiaomi / Aqara switches?

In the Mi Home app you can go to settings and select another country as server.

The app will switch and your settings will be empty. Than try to add a new device to see the full list of all products available on that server.

Switch back to your old country settings and all your previous settings will be there again.


Hi, can you confirm on the V2 bulbs that the default state can be saved as off? Thanks.




anyone got their bulbs?
i am still waiting for mine. it looks like it will take them 2 more weeks to arrive…


I placed my order on AliExpress but I have no tracking


Does anybody know if this new version is really 110v? I can’t confirm this information in any place.


It’s wide voltage, 110v ~ 230v