Yeelight RGB Bulb V2


finally the new bulbs are showing in the mi app!
this is finally happening!
now let’s hope that we will see them soon in a normal price in Gearbest or w/e


Yes, Gen2 tunable bulb and color bulb has been officially published in Mainland China. Suppose you can get it from gearbest very soon.




May I know where to get it?
I couldn’t find it in Yeelight Taobao official shop nor the Mi Jia app.
Any estimated date of release for Google Assistant/Amazon Alexa built-in smart speaker?


Only available in offline channel. There still need time to be available in online channel.

No comments so far.


Is it working with Homekit out of the box?


Available on Aliexpress.




Links to aliexpress “Mi homes store”

You’re welcome :wink:


thank you. i don’t know why i can’t see it in English. either way that price look really good.
i have never bought from aliexpress before, i hope that gearbest will have it soon so that i can use my points too.

@dalanik, i hope your yeemee plugin works with this!!! :slight_smile:


Is there any information regarding the CRI of the RGB Bulb V2?


Bought, excited to test it out.


I’d need just the info on how it is named in the API. If the API is the same, it should work… (and I think it will be the same)


Some more pics!


“Some”? I only see one :wink:


For sure, API is the same.


Is there any news about the new strip


Will these 2 new bulbs have HomeKit support working on release, or (maybe) later through firmware update?


Through firmware update is possible, stay tuned.



When does it come out do u think