Yeelight RGB Bulb V2


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Since I did not receive an answer yet, I ask again.


The white LED used in gen 2 bulb is 3500K compared to 4000K used in gen 1 bulb. So to give 2700K, there are still some red lights mixed in.


Alright, thanks for the information. So it is better than generation 1, but still no “true” warm white. A bit sad to hear that, but still an improvement and probably you had reasons like versatility why you chose 3500K instead of 2700K.


Hello weiwei, I have a question. What is the RA index of the new bulbs?

In white mode does the white bulb have better light than the rgbw one? Thanks


What is the model identifier of this new V2 bulb in the API?


In China, most people prefer 4k and above CT, so we need to do some balance.


The CRI is around 83.


Alright, understandable.


I received the color bulbs and I am relatively happy with them.
However, if you already own the first generation an upgrade is not worth it:

  • The standby consumption is 1.3-1.4W*** (1.25 $/year - 10-20% less compared to the 1st generation). I was hoping for a lot less since an official mentioned that they were targeting 0.5 W in this thread.
  • They are a bit brighter but nothing significant (measuring the brightness side by side there is a 5-10% difference in number of lux at a 1 m distance).
  • The minimum brightness is a lot higher compared to the first generation.
  • They disperse slightly better the light since the diffuser is a bit wider.
  • The colors are not so deep, but I am sure this will be fixed with a software update. The CRI could be better.
  • The LAN control (local) seems to be less responsive compared to the first generation. 2 or 3 commands are needed to switch the light bulb on.
  • The minimum brightness is a lot higher than the first generation.
    To add some pluses:
  • Excellent quality for the price;
  • One of the cheapest on the market;
  • Excellent app with many features;
  • Open to third party developments;
  • LAN control;
  • Alexa, Google Home, IFTTT;
  • No HUB;

    *** 1.06W (see below - measure by @dingyichen )



my bulbs just left gearbest after all these days…
as for the rest… i hope they are not true.


Hm, sounds rather disappointing. Hope this is not true or fixed later as the promises were completely different.


In the end it’s a light bulb. They can’t do much more.

The basic features are brightness, CRI, watts/lumen, standby consumption, color quality and how fast is the response. The rest are bonuses (e.g. Homekit, design) and don’t matter for everybody.
As of today, the visible things that changed are brightness (not with much) and shape. Also watts/lumen.
I am surprised they didn’t try to increase the brightness to a higher value (maybe cooling them would have been a problem… not really).


I was talking about their promises/statements of standby consumption, brightness etc.
Hoped that it was significantly better in most aspects than the first generation. Unfortunately this might not be true regarding the comments here.


Could someone tell me the model name of this bulb within the API?


Im a little bit disapointed… the red color looks like orange… :frowning:


that was from November 2017…
i guess that the “color mixing algorithm engineer” is not actually an engineer.


model is still “color”


will be fixed in next release


Fixed with an update ?