Yeelight RGB Bulb V2

hey guys,

since the topics have disappeared deep down about the upcoming bulb…
do we have any updates on release date? it has been in post-production for more than a month now.

what we know is that it will be 9 watts and 800 lumens.
is it still the same thickness as the V1?
is it the same length as the V1?
design will be the exact same?

any pictures?


we can’t reveal too much, but this is the package.


Can’t wait! :smile:

I need it for Christmas (including 3 weeks for delivery). :grin:

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so it is going to be 10 watts and 800 lumens. great!

where can i make my order now :slight_smile:

Yes, 10w and almost 900 lumens


I havent opened my 22 bulbs yet. Can I send the same back to you and I can pay for the difference in cost and order these???

Any plan to introduce this version to Taiwan ?

Wide voltage 110 ~ 220v, so could be used anywhere in the world.

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Can I purchase it in Taiwan ?

You may purchase it from or taobao…

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have you managed to fix the “buzzing” sound we have in the V1 bulb ?

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When can we start to get it from taobao??

Great !
I will buy as soon as I can and will compare it to the older one on my channel ! :smile:

can we get a link? i couldn’t find it unless it scheduled to launch soon for 11.11?

The product is passing certification for FCC/CE and “work with alexa”, will release it to market once all these passed.

  • Is this V2 bulb have memory, so it remember the last settings when turned off from wall switch (power being cut off from the source)?
  • What is standby power consumption for this bulb?

Are you blind?

10W- 800 lumen.

Do you know what StandBy is?

He was asking for the power consumption when the bulb is switched of. The V1 consumes ~1.2W, which is not low compared to ZigBee based bulbs (~0.4W).

1.2W standby will generate ~10.5Kwh/year.

I’m also interested, whether V2 could be optimized. But I believe due to WIFI connection, it’s probably difficult to get better in terms of standby power consumption.

Any official information on that?

Every bulb has a internal FLASH that can be used to save settings.
The standby power of this bulb is around 0.5w (we put a lot of efforts on reducing standby power to pass the EU energy star requirement), compared to latest generation bulb (around 1w standby power), it improves a lot.