Yeelight RGB Bulb V2


Where did you find this picture?


It’s from amazon’s product description
seems like an offical yeelight distribution in amazon germany, already ordered 2 candlelights :slight_smile:


come on. you waited so long (a year almost) for a “soon” product. what’s two more months?
funny thing is that IF that picture is true… Yeelight would be missing another “deadline” of delivery which was supposed to be “Q1 2018”. since April belongs to the “Q2 of 2018”.

maybe if they tried to spend some serious time on this product instead of the useless (according to my opinion which i can very much clarify if you want) Candela light, the bulbs would be out by now. i hope that the final product will be tested and it’s quality justifies all this fuss because seriously if these bulbs have wifi connection issues like i am reading for their ceiling lights, or their colors are not accurate to what they should be … for example if red is not 100% RED (bedside bulb issues)… then it’s a lost cause.


Hope the picture tell the truth ^^
But with all this delay I hope there will be no flaw to this product.

Once the V2 is released you should really start to work on a V3 with a lot of lumen (like 1000 or 1200 lumen).
Why ?

  • It could be use as a regular bulb to light a big room (wich is the major issue for me of all the smart bulbs)
  • no other company offer such specification (well at least Philips Hue wich I think is your major competitor)

Even if it’s a bit more expensive I’m sure it would sell easily


If it’s on the internet, it’s true.


LIFX Bulb has 1100 lumens and it’s the brightest and the most accurate of all 3 smart bulbs (LIFX, Hue & Yeelight) that I ever tried, I’d still prefer Yeelight though for the price and Yeelight customer support are just simply amazing.

But i think It’ll be a good idea to have an outdoor spotlight bulb with lots of lumens!


even Philips managed to beat you at releasing a new wifi bulb E14 which was a new product not a “redefined”…


well i ordered four simply because my bathroom lights have e14 and some kitchen lights. i have been waiting for these E14 since i didn’t want to use Aqara wall sockets to turn these lights on


Almost every IKEA table or night lamp in Europe have E14 bulb, so there is a quite big market.


I agree. I live both in Germany and Portugal and almost every bedside light I see is E14, in my houses everything in the bedroom is E14.


Looks like the 110V 800lm bulbs made it to the FCC.

Here’s a link to the FCC filing:

Yeelight folks, any further ETA on gen2 US bulbs? I’ve noticed that Amazon seems to have low stock (or they’re constantly out of stock) of the gen1 bulbs.


Nice photos!!!


I am seen the light bulb approved. But nothing from them for the smart strip 10m


Finally! It’s alive!!!
A little expensive at the moment, but … it has 110v compatibility!


30 euros? and just for the white one? not even rgb?

i hope that’s a mistake. since the RGB v1 costs around 18 euros


When it appeared on gearbest it was at $21.38


36$??? Damn, let’s just switch to Philips… If it is to be judged by Candela, which is still sold at 35-40$… this price is never gonna drop…


well let’s not judge yet since it is way too early. let’s wait for a few weeks. i don’t think anyone else is selling these bulbs at the moment so maybe they are trying to take advantage of that.
but seriously… if the new rgb bulbs are not under 20 euros… there is absolutely no reason for not considering another company.

Candela can stay at that price range if they like. i never considered them a smart product but the bulbs! are something that they will be selling in a very large quantity AND it is something which replaces an older model. there is no way that it should cost twice than the v1.

i hope yeelight listens.


Well, I don’t care about Candelas much as well, but would buy 3-4 just because they’re cool, if they were not that expensive. There’s no point in having only 1 Candela, is there? The coolnes factor is that they “cooperate” and turn on/off set brightness together. And also look nice when there’s more of them. But at 40$, buying like 3-4 is waaaay too much…


Weiwei said the price range will be the same as the last gen? he already confirmed it on this thread. But 30 is way too much I’ll go with LIFX instead if the only thing they bumping is an extra 200 lumens

I see the gearbest discription that the 2nd gen being Homekit compatible out of the box?