Yeelight RGB Bulb V2


gabriel, it is not their fault.
Xiaomi doesn’t support Singapore server. Yeelight supports Mainland China AND Singapore so they are ok.

my question is why dingyichen is not giving us any info about the bulbs. when will they be ready for sell?


The new bulbs were first spotted on Gearbest. They accidentally leaked images and the product page. They’ve now removed it, but at least we know that Gearbest will be selling them soon! :slightly_smiling_face:


Any news about strip and bulbs? Some links to buy the products?


i guess that what they showed on CES was the “wrong” version of the V2 bulbs with the “wrong” wifi chip which they said that they had to change. so i am guessing we will never see those bulbs.
funny thing is that i found the FCC approval and the whole thing was deposited on 2016… according to their site. so… it has taken them more than 2 years to release a bulb. i am guessing that the rgb strip will not arrive until 2019.


So i can buy this Version for now


well unless someone from Yeelight staff appears to tell you otherwise, if you need to get a yeelight bulb then you have to buy the current one. personally i wouldn’t (and did not) do that. you either wait or buy something from another company with more lumen and watt than the v1 bulb. as for the strip… my personal opinion is to look somewhere else. the current version is a no go for me. too expensive for a 2 meter strip with a small amount of leds


I’ll follow your advice


Well, I don’t know, whether there was a “wrong” version. I guess this just caused a delay in constructing, but I don’t think they produced a few and then said well lets change the chip. I guess they only mentioned it now to name a few reasons, why the release took longer, while the actual problem of changing the chip probably happened half a year ago.

Maybe I am wrong, but I think you shouldn’t give too much on vague statements like that one.


2016? Could you please provide the proof?


i think the one i saw was white and was disassembled. it was not the one which you are showing. it looked like the new version?, could it be the white led bulb?
according to the page you linked the bulb was approved on December 1st.
weiwei said on November that the bulb will be available on mid December which according to the FCC approval of your link, the dates should match.
on December 17th weiwei said that they had to change the WiFi chip (after they got the approval). if they had to change the chip and then send it again for a new FCC approval, it would be hard to get it in 2 working weeks (we had Christmas and all) in order to display it on CES. which means that best case… the bulbs that were displayed there were the “wrong” ones that got an approval on December 1st.
if i am right…the question is… how Gearbest “leaked” them? maybe it was a computer error?
did anyone of you see ANY news about the new bulb on Yeelight’s site? or on their CES?
and finally… here… Yeelight’s CTO on an interview about some of their products… INTERVIEW

did he mention the rgb bulbs and i missed it? nope. just the “Candle” light and a battery-powered hall light for the night…


Easy man, please be patient and give us more time to deliver something more stable and solid. I am sure new version (RGB and White version) is coming soon.


Afaik, weiwei never said that they changed the chip after the approval. He only stated that they had to change the chip, but not when. I think that was just an excuse and they changed the chip already half a year ago or so, long before the approval.


maybe they changed it on July 2017 when the bulbs were supposed to come out back then.
if that is the case, this means that they changed the chip back then, then sent it for approval which they got on December.
weiwei said that we will not have it on December because of the chip which we can only consider at the moment as an excuse (since we know they got the approval) of why they don’t want to release it. even dingyichen is guessing and he belongs to the yeelight staff.

if as a customer went to their CES exhibition and asked them… “hey i like these bulbs… where can i buy them?” what would the answer be? it would be “soon”. and this “soon” thing goes on since July.

the reason i am “fighting” this thing is because as a customer i feel like Yeelight is toying with me. i had to postpone purchases for 6 months because i wanted to support Yeelight for their prices and their advantages with Xiaomi’s ecosystem and instead of them being “helpful” and say “hey we have no idea when… maybe! next year. keep that in mind” i feel like i got tricked by them. meaning… i wanted to buy bulbs for my house and some bulbs for a few clients of mine. it was May 2017? they say that they will be out by July (so that’s two months) then they said that it will be out on September… (that’s 4 months i waited) … then they said December (that’s 7 months) and now they said “soon” which means January is almost out which also means 8 months of waiting. sorry for bitching but i hope that i have explained the reason i am being like that.
anyway i will not bother you anymore with this subject. the bulbs will be out when they will be out. period.


just chill down, ive never ever seen a company that open and listening to their customers! great products need their time.


I get your point but beeing tricked into not buying their bulbs might not be the samrtest idea xiomi might have had. Think about that :wink:


“tricked into not buying their bulbs”

Lol, really.


I know that releasing a new product can take a very long time and can have a lot of delay but can we have an ETA like within 3, 6 or 12 months ? :slight_smile:


but we already have an answer to that… it’s “soon”.


Yeelight Smart LED Bulb (Color) launched in april 2018 :smiley:

Strip extention 4m

Two months more is not “soon”