Yeelight RGB Bulb V2


Hey, do you know if they fixed the strange buzzing sound of the current generation
for me it’s the most important issue in the current generation


Anymore details on when the 10m strips will be avaialble?


hey guys any news concerning the release date? is this still happening at middle of December?


Sorry, there is a delay of the new bulb. The reason is that we want to make it more competitive. We used a new WiFi chip that has more resources so that in future we could upgrade the bulb to be homekit possible.


We will wait.


really now? you were waiting for FCC/CE certification 1 month ago for a product that should be ready (according to you) 5 months ago. now you decided that you used the wrong WiFi chip? what’s next… you will not like the shape of it? this means that the bedside lamp v2 that you just released will not be “homekit possible” since you used an old WiFi chip.

as a customer i am trying to hold off any purchases on more V1 bulbs for 6 months now because there was no reason for paying something that it would become obsolete in a month or so and i am not buying any more V1 bulbs because their lumens are tragically low.

i am reselling your yeelight bulbs and i have told to clients of mine to wait until December for the v2 for weeks now.
are you ACTUALLY able to tell us when this product will be released? because up until now you are just saying dates randomly. i need to know if i should just sell the V1 bulbs and move on to another brand-solution.


How about the pricing for V2 will it be far off from the V1? Or is it in the same range?


Same range but more bright.


You know what weiwei? You’re awesome, Yeelight are awersome, cant wait to see what you guys been cooking for 2018, its gonna be goodè.


I can understand u but pls keep in mind that almost no company is sharing informations on upcoming releases, leading to people buying a device maybe just one day ahead of a new release.
So imho ww can be greatful that xiaomi is sharing any information with us.
Besides that there can always be reasons to fall behind plan and jet its great to hear that they will make the bulb as good as they can leading to a product that can be used for several years after release.

The release will be when the bulb is done i am pretty used to be wainting way longer then the first release date and i think if the product is very good after release the time was well worth it.

I dont know if you heared of amd vega which took almost a xear longer then said to be release and then was a hughe disappointment, same goes for a lot of games, look at star citizen.

I am still looking forward 2 the bulb and i expect it 2 be released befor the end of q1 2018.


Will you still look at making the old bulbs work with HomeKit


Well said chapsaai !


Is that board that uses wi fi and bluetooth at the same time?
I saw something about it at the Xiaomi’s MIDC IOT event… great news! :slight_smile:


Congratulations for FCC approval. Hope you’ll be able to release the new bulb until the end of this year.


cant wait to get one… mistakingly bought 2 of your 220v ones ( i am in Japan ) and although cant use them ,tried them thru a converter and they are awesome…


Maybe you are talking about the bug in yeelight app? There is an issue with the interface which makes impossible to choose completely red color. The nearest color to red is somewhat orange. Here is a screenshot:


Any update on these V2 bulbs? I am also holding off on buying any more bulbs until these are released.


Sad to see you did not make it in 2017. I hate to wait that long, but I hope at least it is worth it :slight_smile:


:open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth:


It seems like it is smaller in size and having higher lumen fromm 600 to 800LM.
Anything did i miss?
No bluetooth to work with new Yeelight voice assistant?