Yeelight RGB Bulb V2


That’s really great news. And you can and should really use it for further marketing.
Standby consumption was at least for me the biggest drawback in comparison to Philips HUE. :thumbsup:


Great work on reducing standby power consumption!

About flash memory, is Yeelight V1 have this as well, or only V2 has it?

So all V2 bulb will remember last settings when power is cut off completely?
Fot example: If I set color temperature to 6500k and turn the light off by cutting off the power (switch off from wall switch), will it turn on at 6500k? Currently all your bulb and ceiling light will be reset and defaulted to approx 4500k.

For me, this is very important feature and major drawback on existing Yeelight product. Your competitor (Xiaomi Mijia/Philips ceiling light) have this feature.
I’m still waiting for Yeelight to have this feature because of Google Home/Alexa support and higher color temp on Yeelight vs Mijia/Philips ( 6500k vs only 5000k).

Since you said all bulb have Flash memory, it will cost none in term of extra component. Please enable this feature.


The state saving feature is there since day-1 of all our products, you have to turn it on through App. Check “auto state saving” option.

Following is a very basic explanation from technical perspective.

The main reason we make this feature disabled by default is that it will accelerate the dying of FLASH. As you know, FLASH has an erasing limit, once reach the limit, the page of the FLASH will become unusable. Basically, every time you write data to it, you need to erase the page firstly (if it’s not been erased yet). This means every time you adjust your bulb’s color/brightness, you need to erase it. If you change your bulb very frequently everyday, the bulb could be died before its claimed lifetime (normally ~ 10 years).


Thank you for the explanation, I know there is inherent limit with how many times the FLASH is written before they are dead.
What I didn’t know is all your product indeed have this save state functionality, so thanks again for letting me know that this function exist.

Is this function will save any state such as brightness level, or only color state, or both?

Maybe it is beneficial to enable more granularity on what state it will save, so it will only write certain setting to flash and preserve FLASH longevity?
Maybe you can put 2 save setting state toggle switch (such as Save Brightness State and Save Color State), instead of only 1 toggle switch like now?

For example, I only need to set and save the Color state (in my case 2700k or 6500k) twice every year (warmer for winter month, and colder in summer month).
I don’t need to save their brightness level every time it is turned off via wall switch.
This way, I can preserve precious write limit on the FLASH chip by not writing to it unnecessarily everytime I change brightness level.

Hope you can consider this improvement. Thanks for all your great work, your great work and support is the reason why I only want to buy Xiaomi Yeelight instead of Xiaomi Mijia!


Our write back policy has considered the lifetime factor, basically after you enable the auto state saving option:

  1. When you turn on/turn off the bulb, save the change immediately.
  2. When you change color/CT/brightness, start a timer (30s), when the timer fired, write back the changes.
  3. If another change happened during the 30s window, restarted the timer.
  4. All necessary properties will be written back to FLASH and the file system has a write balance.


Thank you for the insight on how the auto state saving works.
It will be even better if you separate auto state saving into 2 toggle switch in the app, which can be called Auto Saving Last Color/CT state and Auto Saving Last Brightness state.

The mechanism can still be the same as above, but Color/CT and Brightness state are now separate. We can still enable both if needed.

Is this possible? Or it actually need significant re-engineering?


We will discuss it internally


Thank you for considering this feature improvement, really appreciate it.


any progress with the approval? i am wondering if we can make it for Christmas


will there be a v2 version of the light stripe aswell?


Yes, extendable version, up to 10 meters.


Is there a time frame, and is it possible to add connectors for separation points like between cabinets?


Oh my god finally! Love you guys i hope the gen 2 can compete in terms of color production with LIFX, the red looks like an orange and its kinda odd on the first strip


I haven’t seen an issue with red with my yeelight striplight


Sorry I didnt say it right, I mean the color accuracy is off compared to LIFX Z or Hue Strip especially in the red and blue ones, hope for a better colors on the second gen as well as the extendable LED


Have you considered just letting the user decide when to write FLASH? a simple “set as default” button that the user can press when they are happy with the settings and as a result those settings get saved and become the default during turn on. of course you can do this in addition to what you do now.


that’s great an all guys but do we have any news on these products?

i am guessing that the strip will take longer for the v2 bulbs to get released. is the bulb near? 1 month? 2 months?


The new bulb will be launched at Middle of December.


Can’t wait for the nervsion!!
Any plan to release smart downlight?


Same price as the older one? Also did you make the new Led Strip more cost efficient? Because the old one is pricey.(at least until recent deals)