Yeelight RGB Bulb V2


Thanks. That might be the case for the color bulb but I thought I heard that the V2 White Bulb now supports a light temperature capability which the V1 White bulb does not support. To support this I would need to know how to identity the V1 White from the V2 White bulb using the model.


“light temperature capability” - you mean setting the color based on kelvin numeric value ?

anyway, when you send multicast SSDP you get reponses from all the LAN connected bulbs, each response includes a list with ALL the functions that this particular bulb supports.

if color model v1 do not support color changing based on temp, it don’t have ‘set_ct_abx’ listed in that SSDP response message. ( at least is shouldn’t have it if it’s not supported - which i’m sure can be fixed with firmware update ).

I know that v2 indeed have support for that function.


V2 bulbs have two SKU, one is tunable white and the other is color version. You will see model = CT for tunable white and model = COLOR for color version.


I just loaded firmware 1.4.2_0030 on a ColorBulb v2
Had to change servers also.
Release note: ‘color mode with higher saturation’


I had four lights controlled by a single switch. The latest update is causing some serious issues for me. When i press the switch, the 4 bulbs do not turn on at the same time together. Worst still, sometimes after pressing the switch, none of the bulbs turn on. Only after a second or third attempt finally all four lights is on. Yeelight please take note and release patch to fix it. When i use flow for the 4 lights, they are all out of sync.


I am on the German Server and my Bulbs are in Firmware Vers. 1.4.2_0026. Yeelight App says there is no newer Firmware.
So I See there are so much Updates to solve the Red Light Color Problem. Are they all Beta Firmwares? Or is the Germany Server not able to Update the Bulbs? I think there we’re it better when the Yeelight Team push a Sticky in this Thread whats the actually Firmware Versions for all Products. So is it very confused to see whats a Beta and a Official Firmware Version.
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@weiwei @liufei can you please add me to beta ? I’m on Singapore server.
MI ID: 1668110901


sure. it’s done


It is a pity that I can not use “favorites” when creating a “customization”. I would like to use the colors and shades that I captured from the photo. I saved these colors in the bookmarks. And I want to make smooth transitions during a long time between these colors using “customization”. But in “customization” you can enter color only manually and thus it is impossible to regulate “saturation”, only “brightness”. Please add the opportunity to use the color from the “favorites” in “customization”.
I also think that the menu with the power-on time settings is located quite deep in the menu, I would like to have faster access.
Thank you!


Thank you. Now I’ve got a second bulb and I do know how to use the customization section. I even use them to create a scene. So that I can activate it by voice command through Google home. I just love those smartlight bulb.


Thank you but I don’t see update. I’m in 0027 and no update available :frowning:


So, the BUZZ only happened in V1 light when the WHITE was at MAX brightness?

Is it really fixed? BUZZ = BAD DESIGN or BAD electronics… i return everything that makes BUZZ (i can hear them, and makes me nuts!)


Yellight, what the hell, i got several Bulb Color v2 with the aqara smart switch + gateway and i CAN’T get it to work because i need to use CHINA SERVER and if i use the china server, ALEXA won’t discover the lights because it will only discover it if it is on US or SINGAPORE server.

I need bouth MI HOME and YEELIGHT working with the same lights so i can use alexa to control the lighs with yeelight skill AND use the smart switch to turn on and off the lights from MI HOME app.

MI HOME - Only china server has the ability to add bulb v2.
YEELIGHT - Need’s to be with china server so i can control the same lights i setup on MI HOME app.
ALEXA YEELIGHT SKILL - Will only discover yeelight lights if i setup the app on US or SINGAPORE server and those servers don’t have the ability to add the bulbs v2. WTF!

You guys need to add bulb v2 on those servers OR fix the yeelight alexa skill to discover when using china server!

We need this asap, what is the ETA on this?


@weiwei @liufei i cant connect it to IOS and Android at same time in diferent devices.
When i add it in Android Yeelight App and then try to add it in IOS App it wont appear available to connect, i cant go foward the setup because i cant finish it. I do the reset and start in IOS, Its available and i add it but then i go to the other Android device and its not there at setup to add it
Any Help pls


If you have added your bulb with one phone, it will be all set. You can get the device and control it on any phone login with same account as the one you setup it.


Solved it yet?


Nope, they don’t really care.


We are working on support Alexa in Mainland China Server, stay tuned.


Google Assistant is supported in Mainland China Server, next up is Alexa.
Good job Yeelight!!
No regret to support you all!!
I really hope that IFTTT will be support in Mainland China Server in the future!!
Hope to see more from Yeelight.


Could you please explain me something?
I have my bulbs on China Server and and my account is whitelisted for testing Google Assistant.
I noticed that Alexa can’t discover my devices but it can discover my scenes created on Yeelight app and they are working. is that possible?