Yeelight RGB Bulb V2


Thanks. That might be the case for the color bulb but I thought I heard that the V2 White Bulb now supports a light temperature capability which the V1 White bulb does not support. To support this I would need to know how to identity the V1 White from the V2 White bulb using the model.


“light temperature capability” - you mean setting the color based on kelvin numeric value ?

anyway, when you send multicast SSDP you get reponses from all the LAN connected bulbs, each response includes a list with ALL the functions that this particular bulb supports.

if color model v1 do not support color changing based on temp, it don’t have ‘set_ct_abx’ listed in that SSDP response message. ( at least is shouldn’t have it if it’s not supported - which i’m sure can be fixed with firmware update ).

I know that v2 indeed have support for that function.


V2 bulbs have two SKU, one is tunable white and the other is color version. You will see model = CT for tunable white and model = COLOR for color version.