Yeelight RGB Bulb V2


Where is the firmware update that fixes the red colour in yeelight bulb v2?

Red colour is like orange. Old bulbs v1 were better.

It´s time to fix colours.


They can not or will not fix it. Red is Orange BULB V2 is not Recommended! Also the Yeelight App for Android. Groups Button for On and Off is very very slow to Push. I am very dissapointed.


At least you got a reply from them. My complaint of a serious bug after the last update didnt even bat an eyelid for them. I’ll not update the firmware in future


All the colors is clearly way brighter than the V1, I think this is the main issue on why the colors on V2 is way too “washed”, but the Sun mode is way more accurate I can see a green tint on my V1 compared to the V2


Hopefully it will not take months for Alexa support on China server… Cause I’m kind of losing it, had no idea V2 bulbs don’t have it yet since they are on the market since 2017


I have two Gen1 bulb since 7 months but none of them has a buzz noise. They just worked great so far. Maybe you have gotten bulbs from a bad batch