Yeelight RGB Bulb V2


From Yeelight staff response it is very clear that they discovered in the last minute that designed low-powered wireless chip cannot support Apple Home Kit in the future so they decided to make engineering change then affected designed specification. One of common issue is IPv6. Apple mandates that all Home Kit devices must support IPv6 but IoT low-powered chips usually don’t. So I guest this is also Yeelight reason for 1W standby in V2 bulb. Many devices that initially advertised as Home Kit upgradable few year ago but never actually happen until now are because of this (beside other reasons). Even Philips Hue must release Hub V2 to support Home Kit. I’m glad that Yeelight decided to add Home Kit hardware support in V2 bulb otherwise you guys must buy again V3 bulb in next 2 years. Despite more standby power I think they deliver products that more future-proof to us.


It is possible to get it lower. ESP32 can stay a lot lower than 1W. Not to mention that there are a bunch of sleep features that could be used for to decrease the consumption even more etc.
@tidason HS110 also has a unreasonable high standby consumption and it should not be taken as a standard. At least in this case there is an always ON LED.
Not sure what kind of update was this (probably to expand the market).


Indeed, I do notice it gets even a bit warm. Let’s hope the standby power consumption of these connected things will decrease significantly over the time. To manage the power of a greedy device like a heater it makes sense but for a tv which consumes only 1 watt at standby a smart plug lose its interest in term of power saving.


Sorry for dropping the ball.
You are all on board now :slight_smile:


There is no discussion about the quality of the Yeelight products. Great products at a excellent price.
However, this standby power should be seen at a macro level. Thousands and thousands of devices add up fast in power consumption. Somebody needs to complain about these things otherwise they go out of control under the future proof excuse. Hell, my cable provider sent me a box that draws 20W in standby. My ten Yeelight bulbs draw at least 10W to keep on something that I don’t need. Is that normal?
Why the heck is this Home Kit so imperative in order to be pushed on everybody, even though it isn’t something that most people use? How about disabling this feature once the bulb has been installed using a different approach?


well… we don’t always have to shout and talk about the bad things in this forum.

liufei i wanna thank you for the update. the colors are much better and more accurate. i took some pictures with two bulbs side by side one with old firmware and one with new. every color had issues especially the red one which was pink.

i hope we get to see another firmware where the standby consumption is better.

by the way, is there any way that you can tell us the ID of the v2 RGB bulb?


@liufei - please sign me up to beta firmware to solve the red color issue.
current firmware: 1.4.2_0026 ( of my RBG bulb v2 800lm)
Xiomi ID: 1829161753


OK, now let’s discuss over the power consumption. :laughing:

Yes, we switched to another more powerful chip for sake of compatibility with homekit. And unfortunately the power consumption is also higher than that of the replaced chip.

There is a chance we can lower the power consumption though (~0.2 watt off), by enabling a power saving functionality. This comes with side effects though. There will be higher(2~3s increase) latency in response to remote instructions. The user will notice the lag and some AI controller may see it as a failure. And the device will go offline way more often than under ‘performance’ mode.

In favor of better user experience, it looks like we have to stick with higher power consumption for now until we find a mature power saving solution.


not wanting to offend, and wanting to contribute, could put that “Safe energy” mode during the day and when the night comes to enter performance mode, it would be a good option for me


of course with an option to enable/disable this feature


Thanks, and actually good thinking. This could be a fallback option if we finally failed to nail down a stable energy-save mode.


That would be great if the Yeelight app could control the lamp with or without internet (LAN). Currently, when internet get down, I have to use Yeti app to turn on or off the lamps. Other apps already do like Kasa and Smartlife


@tidason wrote:

That would be great if the Yeelight app could control the lamp with or without internet (LAN). Currently, when internet get down, I have to use Yeti app to turn on or off the lamps. Other apps already do like Kasa and Smartlife

I agree with you - Yeelight app should technically be able to send LAN commands (when no internet access is possible ) as well as to the cloud ( when internet is available ).

On android as a temporary solution you can use Tasker app and “run shell” command, and enter TCP command ( which then ARE SENT THROUGH LAN ONLY ) like:
echo -ne ‘{“id”:1,“method”:“toggle”,“params”:[]}\r\n’ | nc -w1 55443

  • just replace the IP and possibly the ID.
    ** Please note that Yeelight needs to fix a bug related to the ID ( on RGB BULB V2), since it is changed very often ( like almost every time you send command )

@liufei - please sign me up to beta firmware to solve the red color issue.
Xiomi ID: 1829161753
current firmware: 1.4.2_0026 ( of my RBG bulb v2 800lm)

Also about the power-saving mode - it is a welcome idea as long as the user is able to toggle it in the Yeelight app - and I would add as well as in the tasker addon.
( please also publish the TCP command for that action ).


Thank you for the advice. Let’s hope it’s not too much complicated for me. I’ll have a try


Heard from @dingyichen App team is working on this. Please give them some time 'cause this is a lot of work to do - with very high risk to violate existing functionalities.
@night_mare007 see if there are update notifications.


About the beta firmware:
Just checked - nothing changed.
currently it shows:
“Current Version: 1.4.2_0026
Firmware is up to date.”
UPDATE: ok - something weird just happened - but in the end I managed to update ( please note since I think it is a bug )
Since I didn’t managed to get the update, I change server from Germany -> Singapore -> check firmware update again but nothing changed, still _0026 version.
then I Killed the app -> opened it to find that the bulb’s configuration were GONE/WIPED.
so left w/o any choice I added “new bulb”, but at after few scans, bulb was NOT found.
So I did the “reset” procedure you instruct in cases like this -> the managed to scan & find the bulb.
When the bulb was finally added to the Yeelight app -> ONLY THEN I got a “new firmware” alert, did it, and it was successfully updated to _0027 ver.

it is weird since killing the app shouldn’t make the bulb disappear - NOR CHANGING THE SERVER ( which is the only explanation left ).
don’t you do migration/sync of data automatically between server each hour/day ?

About the RED color fix ( in 0027 ver )
IMHO it’s slightly better “red” ocmparing to v0026
When at full brightness (=100), red (255,0,0) color is at its best, but with “orange” leftovers.
The lower the brightness, the less reddish the color is.
At lowest brightness (=1) the red (255,0,0) is still somewhat pinkish.

to sum it up - it’s better - but still need fixing.
Don’t you Xiomi got a “colorimeter” and “dark chamber” to test & calibrate it ?

About the ID issue -
I solved it - its not the bulb fault but linux’s commands & applications.
I explain it @this thread, and suggest a solution that I tested and works


I have this yeelight white bulb Model YLDP05YL. Voltage on the bulb is written- AC220v-240v. Can I use this bulb in 120v?


It actually supports 110~240v.


Has the model for the API already been updated for this v2 bulb? I created a third party app and I want to support the new features of this bulb but can only do so if it’s identified by it’s own model.


The model is the same as V1 bulb and both of them also have the same API and properties.