Yeelight Bulb V2 Color bugs

i don’t get it…

it’s like yeelight didn’t even bother to test the bulbs…
i mean seriously after all these years and updates and they still can’t produce the colors right?
i am also curious to hear the excuse about the consumption cost because it was a big reason why i chose them.

Sorry for that, we will fix it in next version soon.

Thanks. Dont worry. We are here to give you feedback.

Can anyone shed some light here?

Is it 1.3W or 1.9W on Standby?
Also can you tell if the new bulb supports 5GHZ wifi?

standby power is bit higher because gen 2 is wide voltage (110~240) and efficiency is not as good as 110/220 single range.
we will try to optimize the standby power and color in next firmware update, stay tuned.


hey weiwei,

since i am starting to lose faith in everything you are saying…
allow me to quote you…

“the standby power of this bulb is around 0.5w, we put a lot of efforts on reducing standby power to pass the EU energy star requirement, compared to latest generation bulb, it improves a lot.”…
guess what… your efforts failed.

It’s because we change the whole internal design for this bulb. The reason is that we received the news that Apple will support soft auth for Homekit before we deliver the gen 2 bulb, and we need to use a more powerful (Marvell MW300) to keep the possibility for Homekit support which consumes more power and require a different AC/DC architecture . That’s also the reason that the bulb’s mass production is delayed for 3 months.

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@weiwei Thanks for the additional information. I appreciate it. Interesting chip choice. It provides a bunch of possibilities for the future and also opens a lot of ways to decrease the current draw (sleep features, maybe disable some features if not used etc.).
Also for some reason the local LAN Control isn’t so efficient compared to the first generation. More than one command is needed to wake the bulbs. I suspect it’s the same thing from the app (online control): need to push the switch on button more than once.

@xcalibur Around 1.3W, measured on 5 different bulbs. Similar to the first generation. 1.3W is a lot of power for standby devices nowadays. However, there is no HUB so it’s comparable to other brands (not if you have a bunch of bulbs).

well i was planning to use two of the bulbs that i am expecting for dalanik’s yeemee addon.

if lan control is worse or slower then i can’t use them with that addon.
if color production are not accurate (like shown above) then i can’t use them with that addon.
1.3W IS a lot of power for standby and as you said… no one would have just 1 bulb.

i hope there would be a firmware update soon that addresses all these issues or else it would be a waste of money spent compared to v1.

@PrimeTeDeV From what I see it isn’t only LAN control that behaves a bit weird. I experience the same thing using the official app. It happens randomly (once every 5-10 times).
However, the first two issues are easy fixes. Yeelight always delivered quality products and they listen to the community.

Do you know if this new version is compatible with MiHome environment? I already have the older version (color) and it works with Mijia MiHome App. Though is 220v and I have 110v at home, and this new version is 100-240v so it will work with my current setup.

It works. No problem.

Hi, could you check the firmware version? the latest is 1.4.2_0027, so if you firmware is old, plz update and try again.

I am running 1.4.2_0027.
Another issue I noticed is that the minimum brightness is a lot higher than the first generation. I used them as nightlamps before but now they are too bright even at 1%.

Is there something new concerning an update?
For the purpose of colors or standby consumption?
Or asked differently until when is the error fixed?

I have firmware 1.4.2_0026 and it comes that there is no newer firmware?
How do I get the 1.4.2_0027 ???

@jlmcr87 @miserotia @Sven74

We have tested the consumption of the GEN 2 from the factory:
Sample space: 10 color bulbs and 10 CT bulbs.
Test Voltage: 100v and 220v.
Average consumption of color bulb is 1.06w under 220v and 0.755w under 110v.
Average consumption of ct bulb is is 0.925w under 220v and 0.66w under 100v.

I have been waiting more than 3 months for a new firmware with color fix.

Updated to 1.4.2_0030: Color mode with higher saturation.

Well, where is the supposed higher saturation? if I select pure red, the bulb is near pink? Is this a joke? As I can see bulb v2 is still in beta testing…my old bulbs v1 works well. Please take it serious yeelight team.


I have the same problem too. the red of the bulb is not acceptable. it’s almost orange!!

@dingyichen you should consider fixing this problem, or you will loose customers

Please provider information below in the list:
1、Device you have.
2、Sever you selected.
3、Firmware version of your bulb.