Yeelight IFTTT service is now officially published


The scene management works like a charm, it totally solve my problem.
To the team working on this, Good Job and keep it up !
Now the Yeelights can be comparable to the much more expensive Philip hue.

For those that need some instruction, here’s what I have put up !


We are really glad that you like our work, we will keep improving. Thanks for all your support!


Is there a list of Yeelight WIFI devices? I purchased bedside lamp thinking that it would work with IFTTT or Alexa skill but it doesn’t. So sad :frowning:


Read the product spec before you purchase it, bluetooth device doesn’t support Alexa/IFTTT/Remote Control/Open API


I just got my first yeelight rgb bulb. I am using Mi Home - Singapore locality. However, my IFTTT is not turning the light on. The applet do button doesn’t work as well.

Any suggestions?



Hi Nix,

Could you see your bulb in the dropdown box? Could you paste your applet setup here so we can know the details?
BTW, please use Yeelight app which is more user friendly for international users.



Hi Weiwei

Yes I can see the bulb in the dropdown. I have tried with the DO button and it doesn’t work as well.



Did you add the Applet to your widget and actually execute the applet?



I got it to work now. Seems like there was a firmware update. I did that and the widget is working now.



hi weiwei, i see that for IFTTT to work we need to set Yeelight app location to Singapore. but why? all my devices were added in mainland china, when i switch to Singapore all devices cannot be seen. It’s a hassle to add again >10 devices.

any work in future to make IFTTT work with mainland china?


just to add:
i tried reset 1 bulb and add it to Singapore location. the problem is after i do that, this bulb become “offline” in mainland china location. i have about 20 devices including bulbs, cooker, vacuum robot, LED stripes, webcams, desk lamp etc all in the “mi home” app (china location). problem is i need to split the devices to use in “mi home” and “yeelight” apps because not everything can be added in yeelight app. even the mi-philips eyecare lamp is not supported in yeelight app.

hope there’s a workaround or a plan for a future upgrade =/


Currently no good solution for this. We only take charge of Yeelight lighting products.
Regarding other Xiaomi smart devices, the best we can do is to forward your request and comments to them and hopefully other company will move forward more faster.

BTW, mi-philips, it’s our competitor, we definitely won’t support them.


ooh thanks for the feedback now i understand the confusion. i thought everything under xiaomi.

for the IFTTT functionality im hoping it’s something your side can look into.
currently i’m unable to set bulb to switch off after xx minutes, unless i use Sunset. but Sunset has no choice of color nor the dimming duration. I tried using scene management to “save current state” of the bulb, but this doesn’t save the “sleep timer” active at that time. IFTTT will trigger, but then the bulb will stay on (unless use Sunset).

is it possible to provide more options for example, in IFTTT “choose action” part for yeelight, we have turn lights on for xx minutes, or breath lights for xx minutes (“breath” meaning 1 color with its brightness flowing 1 to 100 and 100 to 1), or blink lights xx times for xx minutes. this would make it more useful.

or make the scene management “save current state” to include sleep timer.

in another topic, i find that in the “Group” setting in yeelight app, there’re less options than if I goto each bulb’s settings.
for example, Schedules, Sleep Timer, Default state, music mode all not available in Group. it would be very useful if we could at least add Schedules and sleep timer to Group setting otherwise currently the group function is pretty limited.

thanks for reading.


We will support light effect editing in next release which will let user to create any effect they want and apply in IFTTT.
Group feature will also be supported in next release.


:yum: good to hear. please remember to add timer to the effects.


Is there any update on this weiwei?



It’s a major update, the new App will take 1 to 2 months.


Can you fix the persistent notification bug in Android 7.1 and up (I’m running 7.1.2) with Yeelight app (Yeelight push service)? Or is it something xiaomi must fix since the same problem is basically with every Xiaomi app like Mi fit, Yeelight, Flower care etc.

It is only visible with Android 7.1 and higher and cannot be removed unless you disable all the notifications from the app. Please look into it and if its not up to you inform Xiaomi of this annoying bug with their apps.


Have fixed the issue of persistent notification of Yeelight, will release soon.