Yeelight IFTTT service is now officially published


It’s working for me…


Not for me, really strange!


Something wrong with IFTTT.


Will this impact the landing page only or the IFTTT integration? Thx


I believe it won’t impact Yeelight service.


I just update the Yeelight App but I still have issues with the sunrise mode and IFTTT. When I set a timer and the lighting scene to Sunrise on IFTTT, it happens just nothing.
is there something I don’t recognize?
do someone know what I can do, so it will work?


You can use “do button” trigger to verify “sunrise” or other Yeelight actions, if “do button” works, that means Yeelight side is good.


I test it out and all the scenes are working but the Sunrise scene don’t work at all.


I don’t know if that is related but I just set a scene to 100% brightness, so I can toggle it with the “do button” trigger, but it don’t work either.


Please let us know your xiaomi ID and the device you are using (Color Bulb or White Bulb), we will check the log.


my ID is 1618019875 and I use 2 Color Bulbs. and I use an iPhone 7 with the Yeelight App to control them.


We have root caused the issue and fixed it, please try again.
Sorry for the inconvenience!


yes, now it works how it should. it works with a delay though, but I think this is how it have to be.
thanks for you’re fast support.
Ps. maybe it would be nice, if there where possible to change the name of the scenes afterward.


The APK link is not working here.

“This site can’t be reached. took too long to respond.”


Why don’t you download the app from Google play?


I’m using the playstore version and even changing to Singapure, logging out and in again, my Yeelight bedside lamp keeps saying in IFTTT “Option Unavaiable” when chossing a basic applet like turn On/Off.
So i thought it could be a special apk to use with IFTTT.

So, since it can be used the play store APK, my new question is… Why keeps saying options unavaiable when i already changed to singapure and re-logged in and tried using an IFTTT applet basic like OnOff.


Yeelight bedside lamp is a Bluetooth device, which can’t connect to cloud and therefore can’t work with IFTTT. Sorry for that.



I have been using the RBGW Bulb since November and I find it incredible!
Since Google released its Assistant for all Android devices I wanted to use it to manage my lights by voice.

I tried using IFTTT and it works great… But as other people stated I cannot use the Mi Home app to manage it. I have a lot of switches that I use to manage the bulbs and other plugs so it’s impossible for me to switch over Singapore servers.

You wrote that the Chinese server is super slow, but how slow?
IMHO you could enable it because the gains of using IFTTT are definitely more than the pains generated by it being slow.

Also, the gains of being able to also use the Mi Smart Home ecosystem with the bulb and having IFTTT working (yes, even slowly) are more than the pains of not being able to use the Xiaomi Ecosystem but having a fast IFTTT.

Does this make sense? :slight_smile:



Yes, it make sense. However, opening China server’s interface involves Xiaomi’s market strategy and policy. We will have a discuss with the cloud team.


Thank you very much!

This forum and support is incredible BTW, keep it going :slight_smile: