Yeelight IFTTT service is now officially published



我中国人啊,英语平常用的多一些 :)


我的yeelight app已经切到新加坡了,但是米家没有找到在哪里进行切换。
另外还有一个问题比较重要,请问我的斐讯k2路由器,yeelight 吸顶灯,如何使用homekit控制?










200多元的树莓……好吧 我先研究研究如何操作 多谢啦



I was wondering if you will support the action of Blinking? To show notifcations? Also Im getting an Even though I have scense in the app?


IFTTT is not launching scenes for me at all. 1 light toggle seems to work.
Scene work fine from Yeelight app.


Same problem here, I use IFTTT to trigger my Scene when I say a phase to Google Home, days ago, everything works fine but since yesterday, it stopped working. When I said a phase to Google Home, I get the respond message but the scenes were not activated at all.


@stunned @djinnmoto It’s some bugs occurred on us,and we fix it now. I’m sorry for that,can you try your scene again?


Yes, it’s working again now! Thanks for your quick solving the problem.


I’m glad to help you with the problem and thanks to choose Yeelight.


hey guys, I’ve an issue with the IFTTT widgets. do you have problems to?
I’ve tried everything but nothing helped. it doesn’t react at all.
what can I do?


Will there be an option to blink the lights xx number of times via ifttt??

Thank you


There’s a scene named with “Flash notify", you can try with it.
Or you can create your own blink light in Customization.



Yesterday I got 2 * LED Bulb (Color) that are connected to Yeelight app. The app is connected to Singapore server and integrated in IFTTT (it shows “Status active” on their website under My Applets>Yeelight).

I try to create a new applet in it always returns me Options Unavailable, I’ve tried different apples - Set Scene, Toggle lights on/off, but it always states Options Unavailable

Do you have any advice how to make it work?


Maybe reconnect XIAOMI oauth can help you because of expired of the accsstoken.


how to do that?


Please follow those steps.