Yeelight IFTTT service is now officially published


What’s a strange logic … I should just ignore these complete nonsense message, but that would be unfair to me as well as our team.

We tried our best to serve our users (China users as well as foreign users) and to protect the reputation of Xiaomi carefully. The Singapore server, IFTTT, Echo are just an option to people (or Xiaomi fans), we didn’t force anyone to switch to Singapore server.
In my opinion, we just act faster than other Xiaomi ecosystem company and I believe they will catch up very soon considering more and more global users are using Xiaomi product and China mainland server is quite slow for them. By that time, could you still think your post is reasonable?

Now let me ask you two questions, can you tell me what should we do for the so called “mother of success”? Also please be specific which action/feature of us spoil the ecosystem?

If you are some kind of fans of Xiaomi (at least as you think you are) and wish the ecosystem grow bigger and better, then you should advise what we can improve, what we should do to help and what we should avoid instead of hiding behind your screen, grabbing your keyboard and just typing some irresponsible and unreasonable messages.

BTW, “mother of success”, Singaporean, Chinese… all these words are implicating your patriotism, so I really want to know where are you from? Have your brain been washed so much that you can even connect a bulb with nationalistic pride.


Hi, I am from the Netherlands and your Yeelights are part of a greater system called something like Xiaomi smart home. I bought this system and my lights are mostly controlled by the Xiaomi smart hub and it’s sensors. If I move to the Singapore locale it means it cannot talk to the Xiaomi hub anymore. That means light sensors, alarms,everything, they stop taking to each other…

I respect the fact that you are trying to make it work, but you are essentially ‘breaking’ connection with the Xiaomi ecosystem.

I do not hear any talk about that, except about China servers being too slow. Also your lights are sold by Xiaomi and work with a Xiaomi smart hub, fully integrated, but Yeelight cannot talk and work out a solution with Xiaomi? It seems I have better communication as a customer with Xiaomi than you, that is weird.

So, I am happy that you are making it work, sad to hear you cannot successfully communicate with Xiaomi for a perfect solution and are basically cutting them out.


Let me explain a bit on Xiaomi ecosystem. All Xiaomi ecosystem are made and maintained by different companies and they share the same cloud server and respect the same communication protocol. You can just imaging this as a federal country, let’s say US. Yeelight is making light products just like Texas produce oil.
We have our strategy and policy which we think will serve our customer best without breaking the federal law. Just like you can hold a gun in Texas legally while you can’t do that in other states. We currently support Singapore server, but we can’t force other companies to do the same because we locate in different locations and we are completely a different company.
I think instead of saying we break the ecosystem by supporting Singapore server (to better server international users and fans of IFTTT/Echo), it’s more reasonable to go to the website or forum of the companies who made sensors and alarms, urging them to support international user as quickly as possible.


So Xiaomi is not the central organization? If I buy I buy everything from (China Mainland) also all these products communicate with each other. I thought Xiaomi had a big role in this and are the central contact for all items and not just a lucky coincide or all the suppliers talking around Xiaomi.

Anyway, thank you for your efforts and it is a shame that nobody can get through to Xiaomi to coordinate all English translations and better server support. Outside of China the whole system is falling apart as a result.


Hello, i´m a new user of yeelight.
I use yeelight with ifttt. But i missing in ifttt the group management with out lamps.
I can use a scene management. But there are only 4 Scenes. With a group management i´am very flexible. When i use multiple Applet with the same function but different lamps then goes the first lamp, then the second lamp and so on off.

My Light have 10 Bulbs. If you integrate the Group it would great an the user will thank you.

Sorry for the bad english


We are developing the group feature now, will be supported in next next update.


I can’t make the IFTT recognize my bulbs and strip. Is it because I selected the China mainland server? When will it be available?

Also, when will be the iOS app fully translated to english?


Yes, IFTTT only support devices that connect to Singapore server. I don’t think we will support IFTTT for China server because per our own tests, the response is sooooo slow.

We only take charge of the plugin of Mijia app, the full translation is done by Xiaomi platform team which is out of control. You can use Yeelight app for now.


Hey Wilson,

thanks for this great product and community support!

Is the information here in the OP still up to date? Do we need to download this test app, or is IFTTT support already working with the regular play store version?



IFTTT is officially supported, just connect your device to Singapore server and connect Yeelight service in IFTTT.


It’s not working since 23 Feb. What do i need to do to make it work again?

Another question, is Google Home going to support Yeelight in the future?



Please disconnect from Yeelight service and re-connect.
Google Home support is in the plan, we are waiting for Google to release it’s API.


How to disconnect from Yeelight? I didn’t make it clear. I can control the light thru Yeelight app but not working on Google Home Voice command thru IFTTT.


How about working with other IFTTT trigger? For example, the do button.


Other IFTTT applets are working


That means Yeelight side is good, please check your google home side.


Google Home side is fine. The problem is all the Yeelight command thru IFTTT is not working. I will try to unbind all the lights and see if it works


I got similar issues!

On 27-Feb I setup my first YeeLight color bulb to connect with Google home via IFTTT and it worked perfectly. I then bought another YeeLight color bulb yesterday and tried to do the same setup but Google Home failed to control it.

The IFTTT setup is fine just the Google home can control the first Bulb but not the second one. Is this related to the recent Amazon AWS incident?


As long as DO button can trigger Yeelight service correctly, that proves it’s not Yeelight’s issue. Please double check the other side.


Clicking the red button on landing page leading to an error page on IFTTT, is that an issue? (