Yeelight IFTTT service is now officially published


If you have two bulbs, currently you can only add it one by one in one applet. We are working on scene that will support multiple lights, please stay tuned for our update.


Ah ok. Thanks
I will wait for the update.
Can you say in how many days the update will be there? Or do I just have to wait?


Don’t have a detailed number because Chinese new year is coming and I can’t say we can finish the feature before it.


Ah ok. I see.
Ok than have fun and happy new year. :smirk::tada::confetti_ball:


Looking forward to this feature as well! Would be great to have it to expand the IFTTT and yeelight functionality


Hi . I’m from Spain and I am a big fan of Yeeligth products. I have a smart lamp and several rgb led bulbs and, honestly, I think your company is doing its job very well.
I have sighed for a long time to be able to integrate the system of Xiaomi with other domotic devices through IFTTT. But now, after reading this thread, I realize that if I use the Yeelight bulbs with IFTTT, I can not use them with Mi Smart Home.
It’s to cry !.
I agree that we should ask Xiaomi to have their devices available on all servers.
And also the integration in IFTTT services. But, the question is: is there a place where they pay attention to their users ?. More specifically, is there a place where they pay attention to their international users ?. I know there are forums and other spaces, but it does not seem Xiaomi people pay much attention. Or perhaps the fact that I am Spanish makes it difficult for me to find the right channels of communication.
Can you guide me on this?. Where can I find the smart home sensor team?.
Thanks in advance


First of all, thanks for choosing Yeelight.
Regarding Xiaomi IOT devices, it’s manufactured and maintained by different companies, I also don’t know how to contact others to push them for globalization. However, I do know Xiaomi is working on international related problems and I believe at mid of 2017, all products will have a better user experiences for users outside China. So for now, please be patient and wait for Xiaomi to catch up.


Have you tried one of the “cloning” apps? They allow multiple instances of a single app on Android. There are quite a few around, people often use them to get two WhatsApp accounts on a single phone. Maybe you could try to use them to have one MiHome app connected to the Singapore server and one to the China Mainland one. “Parallel Space” is one of such app, but there are quite a few others. Not a definitive solution, but maybe it can help you.


Thank you very much for your quick response. I hope what you say becomes a reality !!


Oh! I had no idea there were such applications. I’m going immediately to try Parallel Space. Many thanks!. What a wonderful information!!.
Por cierto, acabo de darme cuenta de que tu nick es Gomez83. Muchísimas gracias!!. A ver de qué va la cosa.


I’ve been thinking and I think it will not work. I can have two profiles, but the led bulb remains the same. I do not think light bulbs can be on two servers at a time …


Only one way to find out :wink: .Hope it works. Please post again after you test it.


No, it does not work. If I change to another server, I am forced to reset the bulbs and reconfigure them, so they appear on the new server, but they disappear from the old one.
In short, it is impossible to have the devices on two servers at a time


Hi, I am trying to connect to IFTTT, I have already changed the server to Singapore, and have the latest APK. However, I cannot see my lamp in IFTTT, it keeps showing “Option unavailable”. How can I solve this?



Please allow group actions in IFTTT quickly… I was so disappointed when I found I couldn’t do this straight away :frowning:


Please use “scene management” feature and create a scene with multiple bulbs, then use “set_scene” in IFTTT action.


That works, thanks !

But I don’t think the scene edit saving is working properly, as I keep trying to configure a scene where the bulbs are at it’s brightest, but they seem to be turning on at 50% instead :slight_frown:

Is this fix part of your big next update ? if so, do you have an ETA ?


The scene management feature is not very stable now because it’s a urgent feature designed for IFTTT and not fully polished. Will release the stable one after Chinese new year.


thanks for being transparent. I am enjoying my bulbs, but looking forward to the new version!


A lot of ‘after Chinese new year’, but you seem to be Singaporean with your disrespect for the Xiaomi ecosystem… If you were truly Chinese you should honor your mother of success. It’s just like Yi. As soon as you have the money you spoil the nice Xiaomi ecosystem that was built in order to serve your own wishes and not that of us. Shame…