Yeelight GU10


Thanks for the info, too.

Will the “different platform and technique” be compatible with Xiaomi Mi Home Smart Gateway?

And will they be around 6W?

Thank you!


Yes, they can work with any Xiaomi products.


weiwei, concerning the Q2 of next year. does this apply to the v2 rgb bulb?
i need to order 6-8 bulbs at the moment for my rooms and i am holding them off because i am waiting for the new version which is brighter.

by the way the GU10 will be RGBW right? if so, i need 5 of them too :smiley:


Will the GU10 bulb be hitting 800lm too?


Can’t wait for this, I need 20pcs. Please make bulbs at least 6-7W, wide angle 120degree, at least 500+ lumen


You can’t have a quality GU10 with over 500 Lumen. These are small lamps!

Please Yeelight, do make a quality GU10 with good white warm color, at least 2700K but prefered even lower when dimmed. (The Philips White Ambiant go to 2200K when dimmed)

Your other Yeelights are all way to cold white. 3000K is not gonna do it in the long turn, and even the Xiaomi Philips are not warm enough with 2800K

So give it quality LED’s with good color, and don’t make them longer than regular GU10 lamps.

Thanks, keep up the good work!


Hi everyone, I was wondering if it was possible to use the classic Yeelight E27 Color Bulb with an adapter E27 to GU10 an use it with Google Home and Yeelight app on iOS without any problem ?

I have a lot of light spots in my living room working with GU10 bulbs and I’m planning to buy a massive stock of Yeelights so just want to be sure before buying.

Thank you in advance for your answer !


Yes you can use an E27 to G10 adapter. But I would wait till the G10 lamp come out later this year in the second quarter.


I know we just reached Q2 but is there a release date or will the release be delayed? I cant wait for the GU10 lights. I really love your products. I would love to get all my bulbs / downlights smart as fast as i can. Great work, keep it up.


Anyone from Yeelight?
Any release date?


do you guys really expect a GU10 bulb? there is no way they will release a GU10 bulb before the end of 2018 and that is the best case.

you can start hoping for a GU10 after they release the new lightstrip at some point.


Philips hue bulbs dont have wifi built into them, instead the bulbs have to connect to a hub to use wifi connection.


but… they managed to produce a small E14 bulb with wifi…

and their new spotlight … with wifi

and an E27 with wifi.

while a small “candle” with just bluetooth seemed more important.


Yeelight, could someone please give us some feedback or a hint? If you wont release a GU10 smart bulb please let us know. I’m waiting for this product, I want to install all my lightings with xiaomi products, but if you dont release a GU10 smart bulb I have to check alternative products. Would be nice if someone could give us some answers.


+1 for the GU10 bulb, also waiting for it to be released


Any news yet on the GU10?




Any news about the GU10 lights?


Hello WeiWei,
Do you have any news about a possible GU10 bulb output?
Like many people here, I look forward to it.
Thank you for your return.
Have a nice day.



Any update regarding GU10?