Yeelight GU10


any plan to produce GU10 smart light bulbs?
if yes, then i’m sold, i will replace all lights in my studio apartment with yeelight.

i have 9 of those in my studio, philips hue is too expensive so a no go for me :grinning:

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Sorry, we don’t have a detailed product plan to make GU10 smart light bulbs although it’s already in our mind. Will let you know once we have a clear roadmap.

Also looking forward for your GU10 lamps since all others are to expensive.

Until then you can use something like this:

Totally looking forward to your GU10s as well! For track lights and downlights! No space in those for E27-converters unfortunately. Looking forward to some good news from Yeelight!

I would be happy about some GU10 Bulbs as well. And please bring some E14 Bulbs as well!
In my Country E27 is not so common, and all the adapters are quite a hassle, sometimes the Bulbs does not fit in the lamps with it.

Would really be great. Philips offers it with Hue, but thats much to expensive and its on a disadvantage with Yeelight, since it needs a bridge…

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We are evaluating this, please stay tuned.

Thank you!

I would also love to see a GU10 version :slight_smile:

I would love being able to purchase GU10 version as well.

If you release this in a wifi version, similar to the e27 and led strip, I would buy 10 at launch! Really missing this socket from your line-up which is a shame since I love your products.

+1 for a GU10 version!

+1 for the GU10 version

Yes, I would love to have some GU10 bulbs too! They are essential for those who have spot lights at home.

Just a suggestion if Yeelight decides to develop GU10:
Make sure the product length don’t become too long because then the bulbs will stick out of the spotlight holders and become really ugly (especially in ceilings!)

Thanks Yeelight for listening, cheers!!

GU10 bulbs don’t have enough space for WiFi module, we are still working on it.

I understand, but the biggest competitor in this market has GU10 bulbs, and they also very recently released E14 bulbs. As of this moment they are way ahead of you. I don’t know when it comes to the size of the module, why don’t you remake your product to add a bridge or is it possible to include it in the xiaomi gateway? To make the hardware smaller in the bulbs.

I know you are releasing an updated version of your E27 bulb this summer, but i was really hoping that you would be able to make GU10 bulbs.
I have 11 bulbs myself, i really love what its capable of right now…However personally it might need to stop my expansion if i need to look for other brands to get what i need.

Understand, we are working on the solution, a different and new one. Sorry we can’t reveal more information.

Thank you weiwei for the reply.

Hello hi, i am waiting for your solution, GU10 bulbs with wi fi connection already exist, they are philiphs hue, I hope you take a cue from them.

Any news or developments on the GU10 bulb ?