Yeelight GU10


Any updates already?



Any update on the GU10 lights? I want to go for Yeelight, but almost all my lights are GU10.



@weiwei Any news?


Does anyone know if any other vendor has actual wifi GU10 bulbs? I want wifi bulbs specifically, not zigbee or z-wave or bluetooth mesh and I suspect Yeelight will not be providing this


+1 vote for GU10 bulbes Yeelight


guys they will not provide a WiFi GU10 bulb. best case it will be zigbee (and that should be fine).
after all these years with Yeelight, you still haven’t learn? we will be lucky IF they release GU10 bulbs by 2020.
by then… Philips will catch up and IKEA (which are now supported through mi app) will take a lot of market share.

Yeelight is a terribly-slow moving company. they needed more than 1,5 year for V2 RGB bulb, and another year to actually introduce them to Apple Homekit and Siri. they keep making mistakes on color accuracy, 1% brightness, power consumption. they don’t listen to their customers and so on. they lost an entire year trying to promote that Candela product which nobody actually wants. it’s actually a shame because they CAN be better. (i have more than 10 RGB bulbs so i am not a Yeelight hater, just a customer with complaints.)


@weiwei Any updates? Was initially planed for Q2 2018…


You are so right…