Yeelight GU10


Man I would buy a whole bunch of these, any news?


Build it already! Take all of my money! :smiley:


Any news? :grin::grin:


you guys do realize that they haven’t released the v2 yet that was supposed to be released in summer right?

they don’t have any plans at the moment of releasing a GU10 at least this year since they were too busy releasing an rgb candle…


They must hire more people then, the demand is high! :grin:


Seen a fair amount of smart GU10s popping up on the market now. I’m very tempted to try some of these out but I’m holding off to see if yeelight might be producing some. Is there any info you can share with us?


It’s in our big picture, please give us some time because this is a big plan and we want to deliver a totally new smart lighting experiences.


Sorry for raiding this topic :smile: but how about the new color blub? What kind of differences will be between the new ones and the old ones?


The bulb will be ready by Oct or Nov due to some hardware changes. Compared to the current version, it’s wide voltage (110 ~ 230v), it’s 800 lumens.


Looking forward for more information! Keep up the good work!


Great news for the GU10.

Will there be an e27 with 800 lumens?


Yes, we will publish the new generation WiFi bulb which is brighter(800lm) and wide-voltage.


We’re getting close

These look great btw.


Wow. Those looks awesome, anyone know around what price they will sell for? And if any bundle prices are available?


Take my money! I hope there are cheeper than the big ones because i have lots of spotlights :stuck_out_tongue: Any staff knowing more info?


Are they dimmable? :grin:

If so Im ready to order 20+…


Hi Weiwei, do you have any updates on the release of the GU10 bulb now that we are already in Oct? I am renovating my house and plan to setup lighting based on the yeelight offerings, especially the GU10.


No update, it is still under development since it uses a different platform and technique. We plan to release it in Q2 next year.


Thank you for the reply, Wei Wei.


if still under development - why not directly as RGB+W ? wouldn’t that make more sense?