Yeelight ceiling Light - Which Aqara Wall Switch?

I have just installed the Yeelight Ceiling Light. I notice I cannot control it when light switch is off because the power is removed (Traditional light switch in hallway).

I know the Aqara Smart Light Switch Wireless Version will work for this situation but I would like to use a wired version.
Can I use the Aqara Light Control Smart Switch Wired Version to control the Yeelight but also maintain power (So I can control the light from Mi Home even when physical switch is off)?

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wait, we will deliver a solution later this year.



I’m also interested. What kind of solution will you provide?

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I have replaced the switch with the Aqara wireless version but if the light needs to be reset (power on\power off) then I cannot as there is no light switch! I have to terminate the power for the while house.

Will the solution resolve this?

Is there a solution already? I need some switches for my Yeelights.

Can I use the Aqara wireless switch with my Yeelight Ceiling and Yeelight RGBW bulbs without any hub? Or do I need a hub?

Guys, have some patience, we are working a new wall switch to solve this problem, you don’t need to buy any Hub or expensive Aqara.


Weiwei, thanks for the quick reply! I saw your message from februari 3 but I am new here on the forums and couldn’t find any other answer.

I can’t wait to test these new wall switches because I really need some for all my new lights. Massively bought into Yeelight and I keep buying more and more of your products :blush:

Thanks for choosing Yeelight! Please wait for our new solution.

Yes a solution would be welcome, because this way we have to keep 2 sets of switches - normal and wireless… And every so often, a member of the family turns off the wrong (real power) switch!!! And they can’t be removed in case we want to reset the light!


Hopefully they will have a solution soon, I have ceiling lights in every room now and need to replace the light switches. I have replaced one with the aqara wiress switch but any issues require removing the light unit from the ceiling multiple times.

is the new solution wired or wireless?

looking for a light switch as well

and do you have a rough time frame?


I think it will have to be wireless as there’s no data over the power lines.

I’m guessing a wireless switch that’s powered by the live feed with some method of removing power from the light for setup\pairing etc.

It would be nice if someone from Yeelight could confirm this - just the tech part, no neet for timeframes, we know it is not that simple :slight_smile: Just so that we know if it will work for our setup! :slight_smile: But I also hope for wired powered, wireless switch :slight_smile:

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The wired aqara switches have the ability to be used as wireless.

When keeping the “wired” switch ON, you can command the yeelight bulb (as it has power) remotely (lets say google home).

However, once the bulb has been turned off (wirelessly) for a while, and the physical switch is still on, if you remotely turn on the lightbulb the switch will turn off after a second cutting power to the bulb. It seems that getting power through the aqara switch when you turn on the yeelight will make it pop and it turns off.

The problem is then that (since you have configured the switch to be wireless) the buttons don’t work and you need the mi home app to switch it to Physical ON again…

Is this an issue with the Aqara wall switches or can it be fixed by yeelight ? (maybe the bulb gives a spike of current when it turns on and it makes the wall switch pop?)

Is it gonna be Bluetooth, Zigbee or a Wifi? I dunno if its wise for me to use another wifi devices because my router will be at its limit with 10 of these excluding my Yeelight Bulbs.

I’m guessing it will be bluetooth to work directly with the paired lamp(s), I don’t think the light has a Zigbee chip?
Failing that, it will have to be Zigbee back to the Xiaomi base station and to the light via WiFi…

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Middle of October now. Still looking forward to this product becoming available.

same here

Im so interested in this too, camping here for updates!

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Any updates here, please? In the mean time I have bought aqara wireless wall switch but I dont know why they restricted funktionality of it only to single click. With Aqara gateway they allow single, double, long click. That is why I am interested in better solution . Thanks