Yeelight ceiling Light - Which Aqara Wall Switch?


I have just installed the Yeelight Ceiling Light. I notice I cannot control it when light switch is off because the power is removed (Traditional light switch in hallway).

I know the Aqara Smart Light Switch Wireless Version will work for this situation but I would like to use a wired version.
Can I use the Aqara Light Control Smart Switch Wired Version to control the Yeelight but also maintain power (So I can control the light from Mi Home even when physical switch is off)?


wait, we will deliver a solution later this year.



I’m also interested. What kind of solution will you provide?


I have replaced the switch with the Aqara wireless version but if the light needs to be reset (power on\power off) then I cannot as there is no light switch! I have to terminate the power for the while house.

Will the solution resolve this?