Yeelight ceiling Light - Which Aqara Wall Switch?


I’m joining the waiting list for this product :grinning:


WIP. No comments so far. Thanks for your patience.



whats the status her? Any news for yeelight switches! I really want them! The new Pro lights not working on mi home with europe servers and alexa skills also dont work. I use the yeelight app and there is no option for gateways or switches from xiaomi or aqara. If you dont sell a switch can you add the switches and gateways to the yeelight app.

thank you


Is this the switch that was announced at CES? If so, I would love to use it. Need it for a couple of solutions.

I almost bought a complete Aqara set to be able to have ‘smart switches’. Which would have cost me 100+ EUR.


I’m also interested on a Yeelight wall switch solution for my Yeelight YLXD01YL 320 ceiling lights. Need a way to turn off lights while keeping power available to ceiling lights, so that i’m able to turn them on again remotely.


Same here - I need a way, say smart wireless switch, to control my Yeelight smart ceiling lights, leaving the original hardware switches in place, just in case.


Well, if you need old switches, than there is no problem - just use Aqara wireless switch! Or the newly announced Yeelight switch:

but I have feeling they’re not yet available, even though they’re taking orders.

So just get a gateway (hub) and aqara switch(es)


will there be a switch for the bulbs?


Hey stuff, is that Yeelight switch able to work with Yeelight YLXD01YL 320 ceiling light?
Aliexpress only mentions 480 and above models…

Edit: sorry, i see 320 is listed as Smart Ceiling Light…
Just purchased 2 pieces of that yeelight switch


Does this work with the E27 LED Bulbs?


I don’t think new Yeelight switch will work with bulbs, only ceiling lights and other that have remote control…

They don’t mention much technical details, whether you need gateway or not. If it works through gateway - then it should work with anything. If it works like remote, via BLE, then I suppose it only works with lights that have BLE, and E27s dont’ have that, only WiFi


Yes, you are right.