Yeelight 3.0 beta


How can I disable the permanent status bar notification in this new version? Thanks


The on/off status is not updated correctly on the widgets.The light can be turned on inside the app but the widget can still say off.

And from a UI perspective the on/off button inside the application is not very responsive. It is only “highlighted” once the light is on/off. Is should give you instant feedback when the button is pressed. Becuase if it like sometimes take 1-2 seconds for the light to answer, It feels like nothing have happened during those seconds.


Selecting colours from the “preset ones” does not work on any of my bulbs or lightstrip, only my bedside lamp. Turning lights on in the “room” page doesn’t work, you have to go into the individual room and then turn on via the button.
Could there be a way of sharing scenes? If someone in the community (with more time, patience, and ability than me) can create interesting and clever scenes it would be great to be able to copy them into the app to use.
Great updates though.


I found something new. If I have set a scene to use candle flicker in one of my lights, and another scene changes the light but it’s set to “recover to previous state”, it is not recovering the light to candle flicker but the previous previous color!! I think it’s a simple fix so I am telling you


same goes for using google home. when switching on with google bulbs are always turning on with last state, not the pre-defined one.


I mean that it’s not registering candle flicker as “previous state”. It has nothing to do with Google home. I use a light as candle. A notification drops and the light flashes twice but it then goes to white for example and not candle flicker


A thing that i have noticed is that the “off” state is not registered as “recover to previews state”. I think this is firmware based problem and not software. I have set the notification scene to activate when i have a notification on youtube, but if my lights were off previously they stay on after that!


When you open menu - more - server - “Attention” it shows text in chinese. :slight_smile:


Thans for your feedback, will work on it soon.


what’s the product model and what’s the firmware version?


Actually both candle flicker and the other scene are both flowing, the recover state could only be certain color, temperature or brightness instead of any flow.


will work it out in next release.


We have optimize Tasker plugin to support Group and Room. Will release soon, Stay tuned!


Hi all,
If I create new scenes they won’t show up in Alexa, only what I created in last version is found. Disconnecting and reconnecting yeelight skill doesn’t help.
Also in firmware tab it is showing that I’m on the latest firmware, but not which version is installed on my bulbs.


Hi all.

I’m having an issue with the device page. My lights won’t turn on or off from that front screen, I have to open up each individual light and turn it off/on from there.

Other than that I’m happy so far! :ok_hand:


Hi. I can t find Yeelight 3.0 in Google Play Store. Where I can download ? Thanks.


Yeelight 3.0 has not released officially. You can try beta version :


Any news about all lights go Offline? It became a big problem since i want to leave the house and i am forced to leave the lights on… Also i bought a Mi Router 3 so the ecosystem works good but no luck with that. I want to tell also that if i forgot the Yeelight app open in the background(android) it causes SERIOUS batterydrain!!!


Is it possible to Add Favorite Colors with the RGB Code ?


why can’t i create a widget shortcut with default scenes?

for example i want to create a home widget that uses romance as a scene but it only allows me to choose the ones that i have created