Yeelight 3.0 beta

Hello, when you will launch a beta version of the Yeelight 3.0 app?

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They said mid of September, that is getting close! :slight_smile:

Hey devs, any news? We can’t wait!! Please give us the beta apk!!

Internal testing now. Stay tuned!


Come on! release the beta! we want to test it!


Can you release the one you are using for internal testing? I don’t mind if there is bugs or does not have an amazing user experience yet :wink:

It was not fully translated. Are you sure you can understand the Chinese words all over screen? :wink:

i will use google translate :stuck_out_tongue: If you want upload it unificially on Gdrive!

BTW, anyone volunteered to help to review the English translation? If so, we might send you the preview version for review once we get the translation done.

I want to translate but i don’t know the proccess of that. In what platform or programm i need to translate? Maybe on Docs?

Happy to help with the English translation and also happy to look at the not fully translated version

We just need someone help to REVIEW the translation once we get it done. Just trial the app in details.

I think i can do that! So when you have finished it let me know

Sure. Will pm you and send you QR code to download.

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I would also love to try out the beta too :smiley:

Maybe other translation will be interesting?
German? Polish?

We have here a couple of people from Germany - maybe we can get together to make the translation?

Kind regards Lukas

I could also translate to German or English if you need help.

Native Swede here. So if you need translation to Swedish I can help you out.

We need to translate from Chinese to other languages, do you know Chinese?

Can I help review the English translation?