Yeelight 3.0 beta


I can’t it says “designed for phones” and “it is not compatible with your device”. I have to copy apk from my phone… Tablet is Nexus 7 with Android 7.1


Got your point. We will work it out after phone version is stable.


Is it just me or is music flow not working right now? Been using color bulbs with LG5 and Android 7, been clearing data and granded new access to mic, but still nothing happens, besides app is showing the flow mode as usual. Also applying the music flow to rooms would be nice. A list of known bugs in first post could be helpful, also sorting out rooms. :slight_smile:


Light group has supported music flow, have a try.


Alright, found it. When starting first i’m getting “music flow failed”, after restarting app flow starts for 1sec (just in app, not with bulbs) and turns itself off again.

Btw. what’s the point in creating rooms or bulb groups, I can’t see different sense in it?


The colour selector circle is very big, and is very imprecise, specially in the borders with the red colour. Can you change that? It should be a point, instead of a circle…


That circle not only the selector but also the indicator of what color you have selected.


Yes, but as i say before, it´s very big and imprecise specially with the colours that are in the borders of the screen.


The point is that if you have a lamp with multiple bulbs, make a group to controll all the bulbs at the same time. And the rooms to have organized all the bulbs and controll it at the same time. For example, if you have a room with a lamp with 2 Color Bulbs (ceiling) and another with one (floor), and you’re going to watch a film, create an ambiance with the rooms to have all the bulbs in the same Color.


Thanks for taking your time and the explanation. :slight_smile:


Exactly! In same room, you might have different devices for different usage. Some of the them might used as daily lighting, some of them used as ambiance lighting. With room, you can control all device in certain space, with group, you can organize those devices installed in same space but for different usage.


Is it possible to make a home shortcut that would set the same color (favorite) for a group of bulbs? How?


@coasterli, please check color temperature presets for Ceiling lamp. Every time I select one of them the light switches off.


This feature needs a firmware update. Wait!


One thing which I feel is the common integration of multiple bulbs.
For example if you want to set a schedule for a group of lamp you hav to do it one by one. Is it not possible to do so by creating a group and setting it one go rather one by one bulb. It’s very tedious.
I have 25 of your bulbs and it’s a nightmare setting all different schedules timings with scenes for all of them.

Also if I need to do IFTTT applet I have to do it for one by one for every bulb as the group bulbs don’t show up. I want to set the mode as soon as I enter home turn on all bulbs. I’m not even sure if IFTTT allows you to do that for multiple applets for same function which is a pain. You need to have IFTT detect group bulb settings rather than only one only

Also did I hear you guys right that your coming out v2 oh my god. I just bought these 25 bulbs. Can I get refund.


Only works in Portrait, not in Landscape orientation. Screen is sideways.

Where is option to disable notification widget? Can’t find it in new version.


Hi! i’m having troubles entering rooms, they are trying to slide instead of open (see video at the link) Can you make sliding for settings less sensitive?
And also, isn’t it more logical to have bulbs control first screen in room section, not room managment? like in groups?


In the Bedside lamp menu, when I configure a Wake Up time and I connect and disconnect and I go to the menu, the Wake Up time is not marked in orange and I have to activate it another time


Can you add the option back to use the standard modes like sunset and sunrise back to the schedule feature ? I tried to create a schedule today but it only had my favorites and the option to create a custom one


The new beta version does not work well with Tasker.
No longer able to select group of light like certain room.
All the preset scenes like flash notify are gone, left with favorite scenes.