Yeelight 3.0 beta


Good idea, we will consider about it.

I don’t quiet understand about it, where simple wireframe icons you suggest to display?


Actually, give two beams, one it white, the other is color. Under the same condition, the color one would be little brighten than the white one. This is because the color has littler luminous efficiency than the white one.

In this case, after you change to a color, you can also adjust bright from 1 to 100.


Do we still need to use the Singapore server or can we now switch to US server and still have voice control?


I understand you and I have noticed that from the first day, but that’s like it’s not dimming a little, it’s dimming a lot and if I grab the brightness bar and slide it back and forth it gets bright again in the color I have set.


Both Singapore and US server support IFTTT/Alexa/Google home.


You can switch to us server now. But you need forget all your devices and re-discover again!


We can’t reproduce the issue you described. Could you please shot a video of that?


Hello, can the customization only be applied to single bulbs not whole rooms at once?


Will do in future version.


@ntelas46 firmware 52 will be synced to Singapore server and US server right now. Try to check firmware update later.


They are in the widget


Unfortunately my phone’s camera is not working, anyway not a big problem. Lights updated to new firmware and it seems that the problem with the custom scenes has been fixed!(it was definitely software related) Can i ask you a question? I have set the lights to turn on and off with 0.100 sec delay white(100%) for morning alarm, will that damage the leds or something? or its super safe to strobe them?


Yes,we have fixed the issue.

It will not damage the beams of course and it is safe, don’t worry about it.


I have a suggestion; Can You please include an option which allow us to pick colors from pictures in the customization function.

And a big + for a dark theme.



Sorting frames in not working for me (Android 7.0) And is there a way to insert “off” frame? i manged to do only 1% brightness one, which is not ideal


In frame sorting page, you need to long press action to drag items.


Ok, it worked, but there is no logic in this. why do i need long press if I already in dedicated sorting mode?? I hope it’s OK for me to offer some UI advices ))


Just noticed one thing - the new beta is still not working on tablets… This shouldn’t be hard to fix since it actually works just FINE - I just have to export the apk from my phone and install on my tablet… could we have this fixed, please? :slight_smile:


Sure, we are always open to any suggestion and comments.


What do you mean not working on tablets??? Can’t install via google play?