Yeelight 3.0 beta


Next time you run into that problem, donot change anything and let me know. I will look into it.


Ok! i’ll screenshot it next time


This actually an issue, we will update tomorrow. Thanks.


@ntelas46 Great job!


yes but the bulbs will be disconnected from the Singapore server so i probably i have to re-reset the lights and connect them back as new to Singapore, as a result the scenes will not function! am i wrong? I have a lot of scenes and i don’t want to lose them.


Finally, :slight_smile:

First of all, thank you for the hard work.

I can’t find the flow option. Please bring back into the app.

Also, can you please include a color picker without need of the camera?

So basically we can pick a color(or multiple colors with the flow option) from a picture.

Thanks again


There is a new feature Customization was introduced, which is more powerful than flow. Have a try!


A Nexus 5 with Marshmallow 6.0.1. I only had a bedlamp connected.

Also, I don’t find the option to share the bedlamp across devices, if I slide on the device in the main screen it doesn’t allow me to share it, is this a bug?


Only wifi based device could be shared.


I just found it :slight_smile: Very cool Thanks


There is no tight coupling between device and scene. Scene data will not impacted. I totally understand the concern you have. Stay tuned, we will sync new firmware to Singapore server as soon as possible.


Yes, crashes after update. Needed to clear data to get it to start… :frowning:

What about LAN control that you have been promising???


Could you add a dark mode / night mode (like what is predicted for iOS)


i found a new bug. When i am in this interface and the light is at 100% brightness, if i try to change the color temperature the brightness drops dramatically but the app won’t show it. So for example its at 100 white, if i change temp the bulb goes to 50%.


After spending some time with the new app I must say I pretty much like it :slight_smile:

Some suggestions

  • Dark mode (interface) White background is too agressive at night
  • when you open the light, the screen wit recommended/white/color has too much “bars”… Top bar with name, recommended/white/color, slider for brightness which is too tall and another bar with off/favorite/open - this could be reduced to fewer bars
  • in list of rooms/bulbs reduce the height of single items… I have S8+ which is really “tall” phone and only 7 devices fit… no need for so much empty space
  • simple wireframe icons like on the widget are prettier than the photos of bulbs (in app)


We will look into that crash issue. LAN control is there, when your phone and bulb in same network, all the control command will be sent via LAN.


how about an option so that we can get notifications (if we choose from a specific bulb) on our phones that a light has gone on or off during specific days?

for example…
i have bulbs set so that when they lose power (wall switch) and then get power back on (turn on wall switch) to light up at a specific scene… usually i leave my wall switch on and turn the bulbs off via app…

when there is a power outage, the lights will turn on when the power comes back. i would like to know when that happened so that i can connect and turn them off again.

any chance of doing that?


You can do this by enabling the Save light state automatically, on bulb’s settings. This feature has been always there for you :smiley:


We have considered this case have a fix on it, you can enable “Save light state automatically” from “Default light” view.


Bingo :grinning: