Yeelight 3.0 beta


Hi guys, we have release Yeelight Andorid 3.0 to Google play, more info please access: Android

@jlmcr87 @ntelas46 @Tom1221 @Bjoernblech @Luke1986


Hey @dingyichen, I just updated the app from the Play Store but it’s crashing on startup! No way to make it start :frowning:


Crash also for me OnePlus One Android 6

Edit: clean cache and data made it works


I forgot to mention that I’m running it on a Nexus 5, Android 6.0.1


:joy: Could you clear the data of Yeelight and try again? Or could you reinstall it and try again? @Havock94


Cleaning data made it start :sunglasses:


for the first look, after cleaning data, it look nice and clean.

good job! well done!


The option to not show the notification is gone?


Hey! Well it seems that everything works except one thing and a serious bug that I found. First I have tried the color pick when you are in a bulb press the arrow and it has “red green blue yellow purple” and it’s not doing anything except a toast that says it has applied. Second and most serious is the custom scene problem. I made a custom scene with 5 frames, which tells the bulb to flash red light from 1% to 100% for four times every 0.8 seconds. I have 3 bulbs, two of them are at 1.4.1_48 and one of them is 1.4.1_52. At the 1.4.1_48 it cannot handle the flashes and it just change the brightness of the current color. In the 1.4.1_52 it just works like supposed. Also just a little annoying thing that happens to me is that I feel like I have to press 3 times almost to click a bulb or a custom scene because of the increased touch sensitivity!


Hi it is not possible to control the lights over local network.


@Havock94 We cannot reproduce that crash.Could you let me know your phone model and what devices do you have in previous version?


Yes, some of the new feature require new firmware support, which has not been released.


Try the new features, any problem let us know.


Will add it back in later release.


When will it come to iOS? Already got it on my phone and very impressed, much nicer and lighter experience, however could you add a dark mode?


I found another bug, when i customize a new scene and set for example the color red to be on for 5 seconds, the color instead of staying red for 5 seconds shifts slowly to red from what color it was before. I tried to add another frame with the same color after the shifting frame and its like there is no other frame, it changes back to previews color instantly. This bug basically makes the custom scene useless for making notifications.


iOS still in testing. Will be open for beta testing very soon. Stay tuned.


Could you show me a screen capture of the customized light you have created?


Oh seems that is a glitch. I make it repeat 2 times and then back to no repeat and now it’s working as it should be. I will keep you updated if anything new. Now what can i do for the lights i have that are on 1.4.1_48? If i switch to mainland china to update them and then back to Singapore, will i lose the scenes?


Donot worry. Scene will be preserved on the server you have created it.