Yeelight 3.0 beta


ntelas, you could also be the one from what i see… but I dont think that Greek translation is that important to them :slight_smile:


yeah but…why not? :stuck_out_tongue:


And I can translate it to Catalan


Really? All here know that Catalan is very very important and it´s spoken by million people over the entire world!

The translation to Catalan should have a priority higher than English, German, French or Spanish…

Better stay focus on the fake referendum.


Please add your app translation to Crowdin, Onesky or similar crowdsourced platform so everyone can contribute.

For example here is Miui tranlation by Xiaomi


I’d gladly review your English translation, and can also help translate it further into Russian or Hebrew once the English translation is finalized.


love to volunteer to review the english translation.
i always volunteer for internal company’s UAT.


I can help translate it into Italian.


Guys it is PAST the mid-September, any update on 3.0 beta? :slight_smile:


They promised to June/July and after that to mid September, now it’s almost October and nothing…

It’s pretty disappointing…


The beta may come out in a few days. I’ve still got hope :slight_smile:
It’s a big update so Yeelight staff may of underestimated the scale.


I’m willing to provide feedback on the English translation.


guys, why is it a big update? is there anyone who knows what is new with version 3.0?

from what we have seen until now is that they never deliver on time. it is past-september and they are still “looking” for people to translate for them.
personally i am more interested at the new RGB bulb V2 that they promised mid July… than a new version with 3-4 new features… in the end it is a bulb. how many “cool” things do you expect from it?

on the other hand… a new bulb that has a better design with more lumens at the same or lower cost… THAT is what you should be asking for. we have seen the new ceiling lights but there is no-one talking about the new bulbs. is it still happening? should i wait for my order? should i order the V1 because the V2 will come out in 4-6 months? is there anyone from the staff in here that knows what is up?


Easy man, I never see one project in this world will be delivered on time. All we promised will be delivered just as google home/amazon alexa. However, during the development phase, we will encounter a lot of problems, troubles and obstacles which will cause some delay or plan-changing.

New app will be in beta at the end of this month, new bulb is also going through PP now(pilot production), other new cool stuff is also ongoing.

I believe your impatience is coming from your recognition of our product, if this is true, just give us some more time, let us take a breathe so we could deliver something that is really stable and solid.


hey weiwei, with the little experience i have from your products, i am a satisfied customer.
why? because of the prices in comparison with your competitors (LIFX released a mini bulb that is like 4 times the cost of your bulb… wtf is wrong with them) and the fact that you are here to answer some customers’ questions.

the reason i am “annoyed” (not with you specifically) is that i wished to order >10 bulbs on June for my house from Yeelight 600 lumens were a problem and since you said that the v2 bulb will have more lumens at a better price (hopefully a better design too) i decided to wait. that was back on July. then you said mid September (i said it is fine. it’s the middle of summer it is normal that they had some troubles). now it is going through PP which means that it will get out of pilot mid October which in turn means that if we are lucky the item will be available for purchase on November. is that correct?

:slight_smile: plus the only place that i know that i can get your products (at a normal price) is gearbest (which i hate because it takes 2 months to ship a single bulb to my house)


yep this is pretty common, delays or having to work towards new date from the planned timeline. i would rather wait for a finished, solid product rather than ending up buying a half-baked one.


Hehe, just look at the new Airport in Berlin…

Kidding… :upside_down_face:


:smiley: Exactly! :wink:



Been shopping on GearBest for few years now and know all the tricks to get fast postage :slight_smile:
On many of the yeelight product they offer priority postage for around £1 or $1. This normally gets to me within a week or two, far better than the standard postage which once took 4 months for me! Hope this helps on your next order.


The beta would be in english? What about the translations to other languages? are you going to PM us? Thanks