Yeelight 3.0 beta


The translate doesnt have to work like that. You dont have to know Chinese to translate to a language other than English. For example, i am Greek, all i would need is the English translation to give the Greek translation back, there is no point trying to find someone who knows both Greek and Chinese (…). Of course that means that in order to translate to another language, one needs to have the final english translation.




i totally agree with you. I am greek also by the way. So we need someone to translate to english and then someone to review the final translation. I can do both but staff told me to do the review, so no problem


That’s the point. We are trying to translate to English at first.






I can translate into Spanish. The second most spoken language in the world. PM me please.


@Luke1986 @jlmcr87

ok,once we get English done, I will contact you guys for Germany and Spanish translation.


Me too, I can translate the app to Spanish


ok, I will PM both of you and @jlmcr87, may be you can work it out together. Thanks!


I will be happy to assist on the English > German translation as well!


I can translate from Englisch to German too


I can help with Russian translation (from English)


Any volunteer for the translation from English to French?


So are you the one who can translate it in greek once english is finished?


I can help for the translation from English to French if you haven’t found someone yet.


@coasterli: can you give us information about the amount of translation?

In a last project I got an XML-File with about 20.000 lines. After Line 9000, I was done, because without any help, this gets pretty boring.

Can you check in the last version? Would be great.

I think, that our community is growing - and we are willing to help, most of us even for free.

Feed us with information :slight_smile: or make a special “helper crew” area or something with special information or something.

This would add some “I’m special”-things to this community.

Kind regards Lukas


What project did you worked? For Yeelight app?


No, up to now nothing with YeeLight (only, that I have now 5 RGBW-Bulbs, 4 Strips and ceiling lamp in my room :smiley: )

Was something else, translation for P-Gear :wink:


ok. There will be no more than 1.5k lines for Yeelight app.